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This might be of interest?

  • On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme available since January 1
  • EV owners must ask their local authorities to apply for chargers on their behalf
  • Scheme will favour areas where no off-street parking is available
  • Councils can apply for multiple plug-ins to cover current and future EV demand

Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-4245190/How-electri... 

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Good luck trying to get Haringey council to do this, I tried as recently purchased an electric vehicle and told them they can get a grant etc but they aren't looking at installing in residential streets anytime soon
It is a pity this is being done to promote individual ownership of EVs and that the £ isn't being used to set up a car club with EVs such as Autolib in Paris.
How will the conversion to EVs work in typical UK terraced residential streets? Will there be a row of these large unsightly charging bollards? Yikes!

There already is a carclub with EV vehicles, DriveNow do them.

Yes I've seen their cars around... They aren't all EVs though. And we've had two EV charging points at Tottenham Green Leisure centre for some years now. They are often empty!

But a major concern is about getting bollards everywhere along with the refuse bins and all the other clutter on our pavements. There needs to be a general rethink about how this would be organised if everyone owned an EV, no?

Unfortunately, I don't think this technology has reached the level where it can be 'genaralised' yet.



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