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I have seen a lot of posts on the safety of Harringay so please forgive me if you feel this is repetition. I accepted my dream job in Harringay on Friday morning, and heard the awful news of the shooting in Wood Green in the evening. In light of this, I wanted to get some advice from local people relating to gun crime and gangs.

Prior to applying for the job, I researched crime rates etc and felt they were not unusual for London. I also understand that gang related crime rarely effects innocent people, which is what makes this incident even more shocking.

Is the area of Wood Green generally safe? Do you feel able to shop there without worrying? Would/ do any of you live in that particular area? Are you aware of gangs?

My thoughts are with anyone affected by this tragic incident. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Well done on the new job.
I have lived on Green lanes N4 all of my 44 years my family has been here for 90 years and to be honest I don't have a worry about not feeling safe . As others have Said I would be careful I would go down any alleys late at night or anything but bein such a busy place there are people walking around coming home And going out 24/7 . People are friendly especially on green lanes shop keepers appreciate your custom and like to get to know you and Green lanes in particular is going from strength to strength new cafés and restaurants and health food shops opening all the time
I work in Highgate and while it is amazing there it feels more diverse and real in Harringay
There are things on all the time to do classes. Special events and get togethers
I hope you will be happy here . It's funny when the London riots were on a few years back no one touched Haringay all the shops stayed open and carried on as normal as they would of all protected each other I liked that

Thank you for all the replies and sorry it has taken me so long to reply! From your posts, it seems that their is a community feel and I'm really looking forward to moving and hopefully meeting some of you!

All your advice is very much appreciated, just waiting on a starting date which should be September time and then I can start looking at houses. I will be renting first because I have just finished university but definitely hoping to buy in the future. 

Wood Green gets a lot of bad press (someone I know calls it 'Ugly Town') but I find it's a bloody useful place to shop. No it isn't glamorous but it's got everything you need for the more practical shopping like mop buckets. It's also very friendly I think and I find the shopkeepers very friendly. Every teacher I know seems to live at Turnpike Lane. I feel a bit less comfortable walking home from there at night than I do lower down Green Lanes towards Manor House.

Gang colours are green apparently if you want to try wearing that!

I think all you really need to know can be read here. http://www.lbc.co.uk/haringey-news-29630 I think people saying that the area and highstreet around woodgreen tube are full of people and should be safe is crazy because its a known fact that those with crime on their minds target areas where they have less chance of being spotted or watched, in other words high traffic areas. The police reports show an increase in crime this year around woodgreen, shows it as red hot. Im sure they are not wrong. I recently had to look at this issue because I was coming to an event at Alexandra palace and had to catch the bus up there from wood green tube. It was no consolation to me that most of the crime happened two streets over on the east side. criminals have legs and can walk and catch a bus just like me and hang around the stations. So No I will not risk it I work too hard to be taken out by a random smackhead. I suggest you read a recent blog of a young teacher who lived and taught in the area and has since left. Hope you find something decent . Peace

This is interesting. Have you got a link to the police crime report you mention?

Did you feel unsafe getting the bus to Wood Green? Did you feel more unsafe than getting the bus in any other part of London?

The same was siad of Brixton when I lived there and p

If we're basing it on the LBC website I'd also steer clear of Kensington and Chelsea, sounds pretty scary http://www.lbc.co.uk/kensington--chelsea-29640

Crime in Wood Green is always going to be higher than average as it's a shopping area, lots of shoplifting, pick-pockets, etc. Oxford St is similar if you look at crime hotspots, as are large parts of Central London.

The crime map is here http://maps.met.police.uk/ It's worth looking at it and comparing different crime types, regions, etc. If you filter down to Most Serious Violence (I assume that's the category that matches "taken out by a random smackhead") then Wood Green, although above average, isn't as bad as other areas such as Archway, Straftford, Covent Garden, Westminster, Mayfair, 

Your username is obviously well chosen but ruling out large parts of London due to a very small chance of crime seems overly cautious.

So wary you 'had to look at this issue because I was coming to an event at Alexandra palace and had to catch the bus up there from wood green tube'. It's great that you can come on here and share your extensive knowledge of the local area - thanks very much.

I have lived no more than 50m from that stretch of road from Wood Green tube to Ally Pally. I've lived here for nearly 20 years and have never been 'taken out by a random smackhead'. I did however once see someone jump the barrier at Wood Green tube - it will haunt me forever.

Hi Wary, Nothing wrong with being careful, but you are so wrong on so many counts. And from your comments you would never go anywhere if you rely on anecdotes. You have to see that papers,news stations, etc generally portray bad stuff.

"a known fact that those with crime on their minds target areas where they have less chance of being spotted or watched, in other words high traffic areas."

" a known fact"??- I don't know that much mugging happens on the motorway apart from the quality and price of food in service stations.

"Random smackheads" . If we were so worried who would have gone to see the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Lou Reed, etc.

Rather than travelling from Wood Green perhaps on your next visit you coulld get a bus up from Crouch End where an extremely rare and more sophisticated crime might, ever so slightly, occur.You may be accosted by a boring cokehead or a cool spliffhead.

Or, as is more likely, nothing will happen at all and you'll enjoy yoursef.

I have to say that having lived here for 5 months, the area is wrongly given a bad reputation. It can be scary when you look at the news and see all things that happen but I would say that's more of a London thing, then simply a wood green thing! Alexandra Palace is beautiful (and still Wood Green) and there are also some amazing restaurants down green lanes! You should try them if you are ever back around here. And the patisseries are so good! Best of all, compared to the rest of London, eating out and going places is so cheap! I was wary before I moved here but I'm really enjoying it. I have never witnessed or been subject to any crime and people are friendly. You should give it another shot! :)

Glad to hear you feel settled here now.

I've lived here for over 20 years and it's no worse than any other part of London, or other large town, or the suburbs, or the provinces, or small town etc. It just has a bad reputation in the press (mostly unjustified)



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