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Sorry if this is already posted elsewhere, I did have a look. Have people filled in the budget consultation survey? Ends 22nd Jan.

Survey: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/survey/budget-2017-18

Budget proposals: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/local-democracy/policies-and-strategies/...

I am truly horrified and saddened by some of the proposed cuts e.g. to library opening hours, bulky waste collections (what do they think will happen to the already bad fly tipping problem?), and many other services.

I know the council has to save a lot of money and so I would support an increase in council tax for those who can and should pay more (not for those that can't) to save vital services.

What do others think?


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They're stopping the weekly green waste collection too - rationale is (by) "...charging for green waste and proposing that we provide composting bins 'at costs' we will be encouraging residents to deal with their waste sustainably at source." Doubt it. The green waste will go in the normal rubbish bins.

AND reducing Weed Spraying from 3 to 2 pa (i.e. more weeds); reduce leaf clearance resourcing (euphemism for let it rot down); and "Change graffiti service from a proactive to a reactive service" (if not reported, it didn't happen...) As Donald says- Sooooo sad.

"reduce leaf clearance resourcing (euphemism for let it rot down)"

which is, like, what happens in nature, and provided it's not left on pavements i don't see the problem

i'll be happy if it means we no longer have to endure the sight - and sound - of those people wandering around Finsbury Park and elsewhere blowing leaves rather aimlessly all over the place with those noisy polluting blowers - what's wrong with a rake and a broom exactly?

and people can collect the leaves themselves, mulch them down and use them in their gardens

I agree entirely Robin but it's likely this policy will lead to it being left on pavements...

Removing leaf litter before it attempts to decompose into the foot path, seems much cheaper than a legal claim.
#snookered ?
Being proactive on grafitti is a key part of urban regeneration, this seems selective on the concept. Waste can be minimised by rubbish czars, or resident level enguagement, was this binned too...

I've happily paid to have a bulky waste collection more than once - it's cheaper than getting a contractor to do it, and they do take some things for free. I have no issue with this as it's something occasional.

However, I think it's a real shame to lose the green waste collection - I fill my bags regularly and if this means they won't collect things like hedge cuttings, what am I supposed to do with them? If I don't trim the hedge they'll send me a notice saying I have to. And my neighbour already leaves his garden waste on the path in a giant filthy heap that I have to clear myself. I don't have anywhere to use compost so there's no point having a compost bin whether I have to pay for it or not. Does that mean no christmas tree collection either? So the roads will be full of dead trees in january... 

Does stopping the green waste also include the food waste bins? Or is it just the larger garden waste bags?
Pay less execs over £100,000 I missed that bit...
I simply cannot see how charging for bulk waste collection will save money. At the moment bulk waste collections can be coordinated so a single vehicle can do multiple collections in a single round. It is inevitable that some of this rubbish will now be illegally dumped and will have to be collected on demand with poorer coordination and a greater number of vehicle trips.

The libraries hours cut proposal is now dead.

I agree with you about the impact of the proposed charges for bulk and green waste collection. Many of us tried to kill them too, but more of our colleagues thought that these ones were lower in the hierarchy of "which are the most painful cuts" list. An unpleasant task by any measure; not quite "Sophie's choice", but beieve me for some of my collagues it feels a bit similar.

Let me say it before anyone else junps in: God knows, I have criticisms of various aspects of this (and many other) local authoritys' handling of the crisis. May be we could have handled them a bit better and reduce a bit the pain of more of our less affluent fellow citizens. But the squeeze is now so massive that we wouldn't have been able to make more than a very marginal difference, even at the most perfect scenario.  Cock-ups, mistakes, differences of opinion and all the rest taken as granted, the real problem isn't local councils and councillors anymore - it's the devastation imposed on local governments by successive central governments. How different things would have been if we had managed to prevent the Tories governing us the last few years? 

Isidoros (Labour councillor, Tottenham Green ward)


As Isidoros says we have advocated for services to remain, but our colleagues have thought otherwise given the shocking cuts raining down on local government.  But library hours are not being cut which is one small triumph.  

Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay Ward

Thank you Zena and Isidoros for your responses. I am glad to hear that there was at least some dissent about these disastrous proposals.

I have just had a very enlightening conversation with another Labour councillor (not from Harringay ward) at Turnpike Lane just now. He said that the concerns that he and other councillors had raised about charging for green waste and bulky waste being very likely to lead to greater flytipping etc. were dismissed by the Lead member for the Environment.

If the leader on the environment in the borough is not fully fighting FOR the environment, I would like to know why not.

I also asked why the council has not at least considered raising Council Tax and he said it is because it was in the manifesto that it wouldn't be raised. However he also made the point that they have broken other manifesto promises, so that doesn't seem to me to be a very good reason.

He also said that responses to the budget consultation referred to in my initial post aren't likely to be taken into consideration, as the decisions have already been made. I have paraphrased, but that was essentially what I understood to be the case.

All very bloody dispiriting!

Good to hear that the library cuts aren't going ahead though.




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