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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

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Very interesting, in your sources, I think you mean cinematreasures.org,  not cinemareasures. There's a mention of the Star (and a photo after closure) in my book Cinemas of Haringey although the building is in Islington. I didn't know about the EMI connection.

Thanks, Jeremy. Typo corrected. 

I only know because I lived on the Hornsey Road for about 7 years and had a friend who lived in Christie Court. 

It's all about this show.

Details here: https://hornseyroad.net/

This old picture of the Hornsey Road Star Cinema turned up recently on the 'Cinema Treasures' site - there's no picture credit apart from that. I've buffed it up & colourised it myself. Showing the left hand (southern) entrance at 335, it looks like it was taken not too long before the road was redeveloped in the mid 70's, judging by the relatively modern looking advert & the concrete lamppost.
The last incarnation of the old cinema/warehouse was as warehouse for Harringay Photographic, who had their retail shop at 435 Green Lanes N4. All the bulky stuff & mail order was from the warehouse, they dealt a lot in ex-government photo gear & had a big turnover then. At a guess they would have taken possession in about 1960 & were booted out before demolition about 1977.

Great job. Thanks so much for adding this. 

It's hard to see George Martin & The Beatles slumming it up on Hornsey Road somehow.

But here's a personal theory - it's known Joe Meek was courted by EMI in the mid 1960's to act as their senior pop producer. Joe's home studio, becoming rapidly outmoded, was on Holloway Road, only half a mile away & Hornsey Road would have been very much in Joe's comfort zone. Perhaps the decision to abandon the Hornsey Rd cinema was influenced by Joe's refusal to come over to them? Just a thought.

That's a fascinating theory - many thanks for a fantastic addition to the post.



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