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Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted on here before, but feel this is very important.

Around 45 mins ago (about 9.30pm), we saw the regular homeless man outside crouch end budgens with a syringe in his hand. We was washing it in the dog water bowl (please be careful if you have a dog- However, Budgens have been informed and will be cleaning it etc.)

When we came out of the tescos he had injected and the syringe was still in his arm. He then disposed of the syringe in the bin next to the w7 bus stop.

I have informed the local police and officers have been sent out.

If anyone sees this happen again please call 101, this poor man needs help right now.

If you have teenagers please make sure they avoid this area at night time- I found it disturbing to see myself.


Thank you.


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Well at least it went in the bin, you have to be pretty careful mucking leaves out of your front garden on the ladder.

Does London have a safe injection site or needle exchange program http://vancouver.ca/people-programs/safe-injection-site-and-needle-...

Yes - at a borough level - Haringey's is based out of St Ann's http://www.haringey.gov.uk/drugs

Budgens CE have written to us via Twitter to reassure people that they are aware of the problem and working on it. 

If he's put the syringe in the bin, that means the bin guy will be vulnerable to injury.



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