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This is a tricky forum post for me... I am a compassionate person (or at least I'd like to think so) but I do not want to have to encounter this supposedly homeless petson's little encampment on my journey to and from work every day. I suspect they are what I describe as "professional beggars". The little tin with a teddy and loose change are presumably there to encourage "donations" even when they are not physically there. I reported my concerns to the Council and whereas when I reported dumped rubbish or other routine issues, I got an almost instant acknowledgement I've yet to hear anything back from them. As far as I'm concerned, the Council should be putting him in appropriate temporary accommodation or, if he is indeed a professional beggar, moving him on.

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Are they really using cctv to fine people for road offences? Because the driving around here is the worst I've seen, so I'll be happy if there's some enforcement happening. I hate crossing the road here. I'm always calling after drivers "your indicator is broken" when I've been nearly run over...

Yes they are. Ask me how I know

 I didn't notice you can't turn right into Warham when going south on Green Lanes ( but at least I indicated  )

Bit late to respond but I know a few people who've been caught out as, even though it's been no right turn into Warham for decades, it isn't obvious. Ok, the sign states ahead only which should stop people turning into Warham but a "no right turn" sign should've been placed there many moons ago.

They appear to have had a £7.2m underspend.  See: the most recent Corporate Committee papers.

From the same papers they also seem to have even more high-earning senior staff than the previous year.

I may have misunderstood this and am prepared to be corrected and apologise. But please, by someone from outside.

There's a surprise... Apparently the head of our council earns more than the Prime Minister, which is why I find a bit annoying that a lot of basic local services in Haringey are being cut down to the core. It seems that we have a severe case of "too many chiefs, not enough indians"

From a couple of years ago, I do not have the latest figures...


The only thing it proves to me is that the whole "right to buy" thing is fatally flawed. 

For me it's much the same principle as "broken window" theory.... if a broken window goes unfixed, it makes anyone walking by think that no one cares and no one is in charge.  That in turn makes anti-social behaviour more prevalent and crime goes up.  When we walk past these people every day and don't do something about it, it normalises something that we should still find shocking.  I find it shocking.  No one should have to live that way. 

I've observed the same phenomenon with fly-tipping: there's a spot on Haringey road where stuff gets dumped practically every day. Since rubbish was left unattended there for a while some time ago, everyone now thinks that's the place to dump things...

Those purple bags...

I've lived here all 42 years of my life and seen the ups and downs of the area. The ups being very similar in reputation to Hampstead to the downs of the clashes in 2004 or 2005. At the moment, it's inbetween.
I know that the increase in street population had happened since government cuts to benefits and key services. I do feel compassion for people who have been forced into homelessness (and there is a lot you can read and watch on how homelessness is never really a "lifestyle choice".

However it is challenging and draining to be confronted by this on a daily basis. I work in Camden Town opposite a very large hostel. I have to walk past the rubbish from free Hare Krishna lunches and once I had an orange thrown at me. I had to step over guys smoking crack to get into my physiotherapist (they called the police but they'd moved on). There are guys passed out on the street and a couple of weeks ago one died. I didn't see this but that doesn't make much difference when it could have been any of the guys I regularly walk past. Last time I saw one I was buying a Big Issue and the lady selling it said "don't worry about him, he's just poured half a bottle of whisky down his neck".

But as I said I do find this daily confrontation exhausting. I don't feel safe, and with the days getting shorter this is even more of an issue.

I think there does need to be more of a crackdown. More funding for services, moving people into them, and where people have no recourse to public funds, sending them home.



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