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I would like to make people aware of a planning application to turn a property on Avondale Road into a 6 bed, 9 occupants HMO.

Application link: http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet?PKID=401387



Deadline for objections: 28/12/20

Proposed development: Change of use from C3 (Dwelling House) use class to Class C4 Sui Generis (House in Multiple Occupation - HMO) with 6 bedrooms for up to 9 occupants (retrospective).

We will be objecting on the following grounds:

  • Up to 9 occupants in a property originally intended for single family occupancy is frankly ridiculous
  • No provision for those 9 occupants' car use and demand for parking
  • Excessive noise from 9 occupants through shared walls and in garden, infringing on those neighbouring residents' right to the quiet enjoyment of their home
  • Excessive waste from 9 occupants which leads to overflowing bins and attracts vermin (plans show bins to be put on pavement)
  • There is already a high concentration of HMOs elsewhere on the road and immediate area. Therefore, to grant this application would be a breach of Policy DM17

We recognise the need for affordable housing in the area, but it should be noted that this property has already been served an Enforcement Notice HMO/2020/00433 while operating as an HMO in violation of Article 4 (original floorspace less than 120sq m).

If you would like to comment/object on the proposal (by 28/12), please use the Planning Application link.

Thank you for your time.

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Ian Sygrave is definitely a great repository of knowledge on all planning matter and worth contacting on this.

Avondale Road is in the area subject to an article 4 direction requiring planning consent for change of use to an HMO.  The Article 4 direction takes away normal permitted development rights, in this case in recognition of the huge concentration of HMOs in the area, the impact on the availability of family sized homes and on local services.  Please make sure you mention this in any objection as granting of permission in this case will need to state clearly why the article 4 direction is being ignored.


The Article 4 requires planning permission for new small HMOs of 3-6 residents in use class C4.

You need planning permission for HMOs of 7+ residents (including enlarging small HMOs) regardless.

The fact that the landlord has been subject to enforcement should surely mean they are not fit and proper and therefore their licence should be at risk of being withdrawn, no?

Avondale is one of the nicest roads in Harringay. I'd hate to see it end up like the Ladder with all those HMOs and associated problems.

Fight it all the way, and get as many neighbours/ residents involved as you can.  As someone else had said, there are already a proliferation of HMOS in the areas.  They're a blight.  Good luck



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