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I was totally appalled this morning to find a PCN on my car parked in Allison Road (due to the resurfacing of Hewitt Road) - apparently a suspension notice had been erected last night - as there definitely was not one yesterday morning. This for me exemplifies the totally disregard that the Council seems to have for law abiding residents and the complete disjointed working arrangements that seem to permeate.

I have lodged a complaint and have been advised to appeal the PCN. - which in itself is absolutely disgraceful - I will also be wanting a response from my local councillors on this shambolic situation. If anyone else has found themselves in the same situation please let me know as I am so angry that I am considering escalating this to the Local Authority Ombusdman.

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You have company. Tom Trimmins has also received a PCN. Commented here.
Me too as posted on the other thread on this. Sent in my challenge this afternoon to which came an auto reply that said it could take up to 50 days for a response!!
H, see my comment here. I'm doing what I can. I can't believe that these notices won't be withdrawn.
I have emailed my complaint/PCN challenge to Head of Parking-Ann Cunningham, Gary Weston, Head of Sustainable Transport - Joan Hancox, Laurence Pratt and local councillors. I am happy to share my diatribe if anyone wants.
And of course a very positive thing done by one part of the council, dealing with the potholes, is turned into a very negative experience for some residents by the Parking Service. Certainly is crazy. Letters of appology should be forthcoming.
It just shows what they think of us. Don't take it personally.
When I spoke with Gary at lunchtime, he was understanding, but it would certainly have been appropriate for him to have come back with an answer by end of play. A little disappointing, perhaps.
In the past I've been highly critical of Haringey Parking Service. But even so, I've found them fairly reasonable about this type of situation - especially in the last few months. One example was when heavy snow and ice forced people to park their cars and go home on foot. Another was when a resident planned to be abroad when their permit needed renewal.

Can I suggest that people affected by the suspension notices share the information with one another through HoL. And as far as possible co-ordinate the letters that go to Ann Cunningham, Head of Parking. In my experience, Ms Cunningham responds fairly and sensitively when a reasonable case is made, based on clear evidence. She is then able to issue instructions to other staff.

(Labour councillor & candidate Tottenham Hale.)
Sadly, this doesn't surprise me at all - this is exactly how they behaved last year with residents on Burgoyne Road during the Harringay Food Festival. Half of our parking was suspended at less than two weeks notice (at a time when many were on their holidays) and PCNs were issued at dawn on the day of the festival. All so we, the residents of Burgoyne, could provide free parking for the festival hangers on.
Now this is clearer and more obvious than the notices on lamp posts (see photo, Warham Road 17th April). Though with two days notice anyone who is away on holiday or business and is not due home in the next two days will have a pcn and their car towed away. This happened to me three years ago and I accrued several hundred pounds in pcns, towing, storage etc; I eventually got a total refund (thanks to some advice from Alan Stanton via HoL).

The letter we got yesterday said that cars parked in Warham when the work starts will be towed and parked to a neighbouring road (that is, not fined). Let's hope they get in contact with the DVLA to find out where the driver lives and drops them a note telling them where they parked it!
Then the logic escapes me. You can get a free tow with accompanied free parking, but if you move your own vehicle and make a boob you're screwed.



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