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This years Heritage at Risk register shows 19 areas of concerns from a drinking fountain and cattle trough on the High Road, Wood Green to the biggies, Tottenham and Hornsey Town Halls, Alexandra Palace and three conservation areas: Noel Park, Scotland Green and Clyde circus

All but one of the places are in the east of the Borough although the Tottenham FC development offers hope for a couple of them. With the cuts, it is going to become even harder to find the money to help these places (so start buying your lottery tickets as the government has promised to restore English Heritage's share of that pot)

More about the 19 places here

A statement from English Heritage can be found here

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This is the second year in a row that Noel Park has been designated at risk -- but Haringey council is still not enforcing conservation violations!
The Gaumont Palace at Wood Green is now in much better condition- the church now use the whole of the building, except for the nightclub on 1st floor. They have spent millions on restoring the interior to it's original decor (Hopefully it will be open for Open House weekend in September so locals can have a look). Only the former dressing room block is empty and decaying- it has planning permisson for a bed and breakfast hotel but no work has happened yet, and it is rumoured that the Church have bought this section too.

I agree with Rachella's comments about Noel Park- I have given up reporting violations to the Council, they don't do anything about them.
Jeremy -- Send them to me. We're now trying a different tactic and sending them on behalf of the Noel Park Conservation Area Advisory Committee. Here's the email address: noelpark.preservation@gmail.com



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