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Here is the GLSG new constitution which will be decided on tonight

Someone sent me this. There's a GLSG meeting tonight where they decide about it.

Terms of Reference for the Green Lanes Strategy Group


The Association’s aim is to work to make the Green Lanes area thrive economically, flourish socially, and be regenerated for current and future residents and businesses. The Association aims to foster an area where people are proud to live and work without fear of crime. In this it will be guided by principles of the Green Lanes Charter or superseding local plan.

Defined Area:

The Green Lanes Area shall be defined as that area bounded to the south by Endymion Road and Arena Trading Estate, to the west by Wightman Road, to the north by Turnpike Lane and West Green Road, and to the east by Black Boy Lane and Warwick Gardens.


Founder Members:

The 4 key constituted umbrella organisations within the above defined area, ie. Woodlands Park Resident Association (WRPA), Ladder Community Safety Partnership (LCSP), Gardens Residents Association (GRA) and Green Lanes Traders Association (GLTA) (each with up to 2 representatives appointed by meetings of those organisations); and the elected ward Councillors of Harringay and St. Ann’s.

Group Members:

One representative appointed by established/constituted local groups as agreed by the members.

Groups may be invited to join or may apply to join the GLSG.

In addition:

Key local individuals co-opted or invited by the GLSG to contribute in their areas of interest or expertise.

Metropolitan Police and Council officers will also attend as appropriate.


1. Chair, Vice Chair/Treasurer, Secretary and such other officers as the GLSG shall decide, elected from and by the members. Officers will be appointed for no longer than two years.

2. The Chair and Vice Chair will:
a. Ensure the efficient conduct of meetings;
b Ensure all members are treated equitably and have a proper opportunity to express their views when debating decisions of the Group;
c. Ensure the GLSG receives appropriate professional advice from LBH officers or external advisers or others when necessary;
d Represent the GLSG where necessary.

Chair’s Action:

  1. The Chair may be approached to take decisions on urgent matters that must be advanced too quickly for their inclusion in meetings. In such circumstances, the Chair is delegated to take such decisions, after involving as many other Members as possible. The Chair shall report any Chair’s Actions to the next meeting.
  2. It is intended that Chair’s Actions will be kept to the absolute minimum possible.
  3. In the absence or unavailability of the Chair, a Vice-Chair will act for him or her


The GLSG may establish such working groups, panels, forums or advisory groups as it considers necessary. All bodies established shall have clear terms of reference. The GLSG may terminate any Sub-Group at any time.

Sub-Groups may co-opt individuals who have particular expertise or experience to contribute.

Remit of Green Lanes Strategy Group:

The following list is to act as a guide to the remit of the GLSG. It is not intended to be exhaustive.

  1. Terms of Reference, Constitution and Membership.
  2. Operation of the GLSG.
  3. Initiatives and Funding bids.
  4. Income and budget.
  5. Cross-borough/Town Centre Plans and workings.
  6. Bridge and Gateways.
  7. Street Scene and Enforcement.
  8. HMOs.
  9. Crime and Police (including Safer Neighbourhoods Teams).
  10. Parking and Highways.
  11. Planning and Licencing
  12. Green Spaces
  13. Green Lanes Festival
  14. Xmas Tree/Lantern Parade
  15. Bug Hotel
  16. Other projects as agreed by GLSG members.


  1. The GLSG shall meet on a regular cycle.
  2. Meetings will normally last no longer than two hours.
  3. Meetings shall be advertised to all members, and approved minutes will be made publicly available.
  4. Notices of meetings will be circulated to GLSG members at least 7 days in advance of the meeting.
  5. Special meetings may be called for urgent business by the Chair or Vice Chair, provided at least three clear days notice is given to members of the GLSG.
  6. Items for inclusion on the agenda shall be submitted to the Secretary at least seven days prior to the meeting. Inclusion of any item shall be at the discretion of the Chair.
  7. The Chair may direct, after consultation with other officers, that certain agenda items are confidential. These items will appear on the main agenda, but will be discussed by Founder Members only following the remainder of the agenda items.
  8. All meetings of the GLSG shall be minuted.
  9. Detailed minutes of agenda items deemed to be confidential will be redacted from minutes circulated to those who did not participate in the discussion of those items.
  10. Minutes of meetings shall be circulated with the agenda for the next meeting.
  11. Meetings shall be chaired by the Chair or in his/her absence the Vice Chair.
  12. The quorum for meetings shall be one third of the total number of Members. Three of those attending must be local residents.
  13. The Chair will move that the minutes of the previous meeting be agreed as a correct record. The only part of the minutes that can be discussed is their accuracy.
  14. The GLSG may accept deputations of people with a local connection who wish to raise an issue in person with the GLSG. Those wishing to form a deputation shall contact one of the members or Key Partners in the first instance, who will contact the Chair to seek agreement. Deputations shall only be allowed at the discretion of the Chair.


  1. Consensus
    Unless these Terms of Reference provide otherwise, any matter will be decided by consensus between the members.
  2. Chair's decision
    If no consensus can be reached, the Chair may request a vote on the matter under consideration. Unless otherwise provided for in these Terms of Reference, the matter shall then be decided by a simple majority of the members present and voting by show of hands. The Chair shall have a casting vote.

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Ok the last from me in the email thread to you dating back to last year is:

Sorry but you didn't answer most of my questions:

Have there been any meetings since January 28? When is the next meeting scheduled? May i have the agenda?

And from the emails and HoL posts prior to this - may i be added to your distribution list so i'm sent the agenda and minutes regularly to avoid this endless exchange of emails requesting them?


I've also just had a quick peek at the agenda for tonight's area forum meeting and don't see anything much about the GLSG. All there is is "There will be a report back from the Green Lanes Strategy Group as the municipal and financial years draw to a close." Is that what you're talking about? I can't make that meeting sorry, can you tell me any details about what will be said? Anything about the new constitution that we're lead to believe the GLSG has been discussing? Would you show me that draft constitution? Are the GLSG members going to share and discuss the constitution with the people they represent?

That was 9 days ago, no reply yet.

Hi Ant

You and I have been corresponding since October 21. I provided you with all the minutes and agendas from the GLSG meetings which I had. I also explained that I could not get anyone from the Council to respond to my requests to post them on line and that finally I wrote to the Council's Chief Executive about this. I have finally got an agreement that they will be posted. 

You are right I didn't reply to every point in the last correspondence of March 31 for which I apologise.  There was still lots of discussion about the draft, but the aim at that meeting was to report to residents on this work and to get comments and feedback. As you know I put the GLSG on the agenda so there was public discussion, comments and feedback about the plans for terms of reference.   

We can continue debating minutes and agendas, but I'm afraid the real issues facing Green Lanes are not your neighbours on the GLSG but the external threats including, as I see it,  rogue landlords, massive cuts, and sites being proposed for extensive development. The efforts to provide the GLSG with terms of reference and a formal structure provide an opportunity for people to come together to challenge these and other threats, and to hold the Council to account. 



Zena Brabazon

Cllr, St. Ann's Ward


Whataboutery of the day I'm afraid Zena. Openness and Democracy come first, solutions to other problems second. Do we want the King's solution to rogue landlords?

We can continue debating minutes and agendas...

Its not really a "debate" about minutes and agendas we're having though is it, as you're continually avoiding discussing them or answering the questions, as you've just done again in that reply. I ask for meeting dates, agendas, minutes, getting on the distribution lists, but you reply about something else - rogue landlords, massive cuts etc.

Andy, I don't recall having any issue with you on that night many years ago and it had slipped from my memory. So, moving on..

As to the publication of the draft TOR, it's a document that will underpin a group that will in some way be accountable to the Council. In other words a group that in some way will be part of our local democratic process. I'd have thought far from being concerned about the disrespect of it being published online, the members of the GLSG would welcome the input of as wide a group of residents as possible at the earliest possible point. I'm sure that none of the group feel that my input or Fred's, Mary's or Tom's is any less valuable than theirs. Look at how documents are developed in work places today, Very often they're shared and developed collaboratively online. Isn't the development of the TOR an occasion when collaboration should be at the heart of the thing? I really don't get the need for secrecy here. Why on earth was a resident barred from attending last night? It just doesn't make sense to me. 

As you know this holding off of a wider involvement of residents is something I've had an issue about with the GLSG in the past. It was true about the festival in 2010, and it has been about other things. Whilst the group accomplishes great things, I'd really like to see it being completely open to people being involved from the start of projects, not after everything's been decided.

You're well aware from your own experience of running things local that inviting open involvement will not mean that you're knocked over by the rush as the doors open. However, it will make everything feel different and you're bound to get some great people walk in (as well as some you'd rather do without, no doubt, but isn't that just the messiness of democratic institutions?).

fair enough.

I almost got there with my first set of questions - but then I don't have Benn's political nous.

Tony had many years in politics to get it right. 

Something I've always felt with these local groups is that it's impossible for me to keep up attendance because I'm neither retired, have a part-time job, or am a local businessman with someone to watch my shop for me. So when HoL came along I thought great, meetings can go online and I can not miss them. Decision making would be at effectively the same pace but would be much more open and accessible. Yes the web excludes some people but the current method of practicing local democracy excludes a lot more.

Andy, I have no idea who the 2 ladder reps you refer to are.

Can someone tell me who they are?  Is there a website, a blog or a mailing list? Do they post on here?

Interestingly I know a lot more about the GRA than I do about the LCSP or the GLSG and I don't even live in your area!

Ian Sygrave (LCSP) is one.



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