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Waited and waited for rain that never materialised and then, today, I finally went out and tackled all the dead and dying plants in the street garden, clearing a huge bag of vegetation.

Not much is hanging on in this dry weather and some of the plants do look like they are on their last gasp, but what is left is still being visited by the bees, so I'm going to keep trying to keep what's still even vaguely green alive.

I really need help with watering as my physical health isn't great at the moment (those who know me may have spotted the stick!) so if anyone nearby could throw a bucket of water on the plants from time to time that would help tremendously.

I know they're not up to much but they might recover with some TLC.

The planters also have plenty of room for drought resistant plants so please feel free to add them (but please don't abandon them - someone, not sure who, planted a nice plant last autumn but didn't care for it and it just keeled over). However, don't spend dosh on them as unfortunately nice plants attract thieves, as we've discovered to our cost in the past. 

Also, if you can please remove litter but take care to use gloves and wash your hands (same goes for planting up) afterwards, as my guess is that someone that leaves rubbish behind probably isn't too keen on basic hygiene. 

It's shaping up to be another very dry year, this May being the driest on record, and so we can only do our best in these difficult times but at the minimum if we can keep the planters tidy and a few plants feeding the insects then we're doing our bit to make the neighbourhood insect friendly and pleasant for people to walk about.

Aux arrosoirs, citoyens!

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Love the rallying cry!!

This ties in with Peter Corley's post earlier today about giving new and immature trees a bucket of water down the watering tube - I'd guess the new trees on Wightman are particularly at risk.

The man from the council was watering the Wightman Road trees today. 

Nice bee pics.

I've been having Lockdown Walks along the Harringay Passage and have noticed lots of untended planters on the corners where the roads cross it. So sad to see, so I add a plea for a little TLC. I live the other side of the tracks, so can't do it myself

Liz, my kids are obsessed with playing with water at the front of our house so I'm going to channel their excitement into the beds. We will take some buckets and watering cans down whenever we are playing out. Thanks for taking such good care of them for us.

Hi Liz.  I saw you tending to the planters from my window.  Happy to water occasionally as I'm only a few houses away. Is there a group who tends to the planters/rules on what type and when to put in new plants?

Thank you both, that will be a great help.

No rules about what goes in, just to take care of any plants that you put in, and as I said, I recommend no one spends too much cash on plants as they often get “re-located” to private gardens.

Other than that, there’s no “official” group - me and Maggie mostly do the work when time and health allow- so anyone is welcome to work on them whenever they choose to. 



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