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Help shape the future waste and cleansing strategy for the borough - Have your say in a new survey

A new survey has been launched to help improve understanding of the needs of residents and businesses in Haringey for waste removal and street cleansing.  

This survey is part of a wider engagement programme to enable the Council to provide a better waste, recycling and street cleansing service.

The survey runs until January 8th 2023 and a separate recycling survey will be released later this month.


Click here if you are a resident

Click here if you are representing a business, public, community or voluntary group

Face to Face 

Alongside the online surveys, a number of engagement events have been organised where residents, businesses and community groups can come and speak to reps in person.

LBH will be at the following locations during the next month: 

Stroud Green and Harringay Library

Thursday 15/12/22 (1pm to 3pm) and Tuesday 3/1/23 (2pm to 4pm)

Hornsey Library

Wednesday 7/12/22 (3pm to 5pm) and Monday 19/12/22 (10am to12pm)

Muswell Hill Library

Thursday 8/12/22 (12pm to 2pm) and Saturday 7/1/23 (1pm to 3pm)

Marcus Garvey Library

Wednesday 14/12/22 (5pm to 7pm) and Thursday 5/1/23 (2pm to 4pm)

Coombes Croft Library

Monday 5/12/22 (11am to 1pm) and Thursday 22/12/22 (10am to 12pm)

Highgate Library

Monday 12/12/22 (11 to 1pm) and Friday 6/1/23 (10am to 12pm)

Wood Green Library

Monday 19/12/22 (5pm to 7pm) and Wednesday 4/1/23 (10am to 12pm)

Northumberland Park Resource Centre 

Thursday 22/12/22 (10am to 12pm)

In addition, hard copies of the survey with pre-paid envelopes will be available from libraries and estate concierges from 12th December.

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This is one of the worst designed surveys I've ever seen! There are at least two 'Questions' where the question is completely omitted. Then you are asked to rank - in terms of personal importance - services like street cleaning and recycling, as though one was somehow more vital than the other. (The system 'ranking' is also very clunky, involving up and down arrows). Then there are a whole load of options which seem to be mainly about cutting services to save money, which you have to agree/disagree etc with.

We all know what needs doing in this borough in terms of keeping it cleaner - more of everything done more frequently and efficiently, so asking people's opinions is to my mind a wasted exercise.

I agree. Some of the question were nonsensical. You’d have thought that whoever designed it would have given it a few dry runs first!

30 questions. 2 of those were blanks and of the remainder 15 were related to my diversity status. With the possible exception of disabilities I fail to see how any of them are relevant. Sadly I think it is purely a reflection of where priorities lay in parts of the public sector at the moment. 

No harm in 'arks'ing these things...

Apparently there are more than two genders! I missed that one in Biology.

Hang on Livi. You should have left a space for a sanctimonious comment from Gordon T. 

Has anyone ever seen any stats from the council about what proportion of residential waste is recycled and what ends up in landfill, is exported or incinerated?

Recycling is at about 30% which is average for London.  When you look at the data on recycling rates the outer boroughs tend to do better (more single family dwellings and low residency turnover) and inner worse (more multiple dwelling properties and high residency turnover)

Thank you. Do you know whether and if so where those figures are published?

I got them from here and they took them from a government dataset.  They’re from November 2021 but I can’t imagine things have changed too much

Thanks. Pretty depressing really.


Liz, I cannot believe that you or HOL are giving this "survey" the oxygen of publicity. 

What can my religion or lack of it, my language or lack of it, my gender or lack thereof, my Irish or Northern Irish identity and all the rest of this crap have to do with my basic need to have my waste removed, Wightman Road kept tolerably clean, my recycling recycled - and all the other stuff my Council Tax supposedly pays for dealt with?

If it is true that those whom the gods wish to destroy they first drive mad, are they already more than half way towards ridding us of Haringey's 'cleansing strategists'?



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