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I'm researching whether current methods for protecting children online are working and how we might improve them.

I'm looking for UK-based parents/carers of children aged 9-15 to complete a brief survey for me. Please forward this to anyone who fits this category:http://edu.surveygizmo.com/s3/1139243/Dissertation

Thanks so much for any help you can give.

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As an ICT teacher and a former CEOP trainer, I think the only way to improve online safety is to go right back to basics.

"You wouldn't let your child talk to a stranger in the street, so why let them do it online?" was a sign that hung outside my classroom on every parents evening. Underneath that was a sign that read

  • No computers in bedrooms
  • No smartphones
  • No unsupervised internet access

Used to brass the kids off rotten when I constantly told parents to get the laptops out of the kids rooms and take away their smart phones for their own safety, but that is what has got to happen. Forget all these 'strategies' they are a waste of time. Only parents getting hold of this technology by the scruff of the neck and controlling it is going to work.

Thanks for the input, all good stuff!

Don't suppose you know anyone you could distribute this to? sounds like you might be able to support my argument that present methods aren't working! thanks for any help you can give.



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