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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

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Hopeful progress: thank you both very much, Gary and Michael.

Let's hope the 'end of the week' - or any imminent future weekend - provides a permanent fix.

That looks like a result in the offing. Well done to you both!

Haringey have been in touch and will investigate - so should add a little more pressure to get it sorted quickly 

Lol no , think my phone would explode . Just had a call from Homebase explaining the contract situation  etc . It’s been like this for months ? 

And months and...  I won't use the side stairs off Green Lanes now. Slip hazard!  For the same reason, Homebase can't do anything about the fire-damaged doors on Green Lanes next to their frontage - those were flagged up here a couple of years ago at least.

See major cleaning being done this morning , flew by so no pic . Watch this space !!!! 

Thu 4 March visited Homebase, noticed pigeon-proofing spikes the whole length of the Homebase sign - good.  Thank you Gary Campbell.

Also new pigeon proofing (I think) on three of the five uplighters, don't think that the other two have it. The one over the Green Lanes pavement possibly has access issues versus the private Arena estate.

BUT the walls are still spattered and there are still encrustations on the paving. Still pretty grim.



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