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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

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Sorry Harringay Homebase , was there today , outside is disgusting !!!  

I walked past the other day - absolutely vile.  It’s not like they don’t have a few high pressure cleaners in the store to give it a blast!  Did you Tweet them about it?

Gary Campbell - Homebase are tenants so they couldn't do jobs like pigeon-proofing the roosting points that lead to the mess, even if they've the tools for a short-term fix.

The retail park is owned and managed by LaSalle Investment Management. Arena Retail Park details here.

And there's [drumroll]  a contact responsible for Arena Retail Park: 

Gavin Ingram; Office: 020 7852 4562   

Email: Gavin.Ingram@lasalle.com

Michael, nice point about the pressure washers.

And here is their twitter page https://mobile.twitter.com/LaSalleIM 

 Cheers !!!

Have you got photos? 

I get some when I’m down that way tomorrow and do a bit of naming and shaming of LaSalle on Twitter 

Copy the Health and Safety Executive plus Haringey Council. Pushing the H&S angle should prompt some action.

A friend was down that way this afternoon and took some pictures.  I’ll tweet them in a few minutes.  Pics below (strong stomachs needed)

Done.  I’ll post here with what La Salle say (if anything). Also copied in Homebase and Haringey

FYI : 



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