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Huffington Post (a so called Newspaper) article (my emphasis):

"Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) has voted to ask Haringey Council to halt its controversial public-private housing plan, a party source has told HuffPost.

The unprecedented move follows a bitter battle in the London borough after local activists deselected Labour councillors who backed the so-called Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV).

The project, which is opposed by trade unions and many local party members, intended to transfer large tracts of public land and commercial property to a 50-50 partnership between the Labour-run council and firm Lendlease.

The first full meeting of the newly expanded NEC voted on Tuesday on a motion tabled by Unite member Jim Kennedy to urge the council to pause its plans, a source said.

Following a discussion, the motion was amended to ask the council to pause its proposals “if mediation processes do not bring about a resolution”, the source said.

On Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion, Shadow Communities Secretary Andrew Gwynne will now lead the mediation meetings with Haringey leader Claire Kober.

Kober has defended the public-private project as an effective way to get much-needed housing investment in her area at at time of Tory cuts. 

The motion was then passed unanimously by the 39-strong ruling body."
Where do the media get off on spinning stuff like this? They were not deselected by activists. They were asked by members about their support for the HDV and then decided not to run once they were triggered to appear with other candidates for selection. Where they said it was opposed by many Labour members they could have said most, even better would have been "the vast majority of".

Headline " Labour NEC intervenes in Haringey development row "

From http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-42795708 

Hope that's not so-called news.

It is not Momentum opposing this! It's the Anti-HDV group.

I said so called Newspaper because they said so called Haringey Development Vehicle. I guess I'm getting an education is its use: so-called. Noted.

Put aside the policy issues and just look at the arrogance of the NEC

they are second guessing who the electorate will vote for and the views they might have, 

John has pointed this out before, the real politics are the selection meetings not the elections themselves which allows small organised cliques disproportionate power be they left or right factions of a party

no wonder most normal people don’t like the political classes

The whole point is that the selections were not carried out by small organised cliques.  The meeting to select candidates that was held in Harringay ward was the biggest I’ve ever seen and contrasts with the handful of people at previous selection meetings.  Exactly the same thing was seem at ward selection meetings right across the borough.

if you read the articles critiquing the selections, the same names pop up giving their opinion again and again.  They were exactly the people who benefited from only them and a small number of their mates turning up at previous selection meetings.

They bang on about democratic processes but then really object to large numbers of party members exercising their democratic right to select the people they wish to represent the Labour Party in local elections.

We are now in a position in the borough where the decision to go ahead the HDV will be taken by a group of councillors who,will not be serving on Haringey Council after the May elections.  In other words they decide to do this, disappear, and then leave others to pick up the pieces.  Whatever your views about the HDV is it really right that a small group of councillors will decide to go ahead with a scheme that will affect many thousands of people when they know that they will not actually be around to deal with it  happening?  I'm not surprised that the NEC have decided to intervene.

"Apres moi, le deluge" comes to mind.

It may be a bigger clique than last time or usual, but it is still a tiny clique. Maybe several hundred people took part across every selection meeting. That's a tiny fraction of the Haringey electorate. Those selected candidates now have to win approval at election.

But they and the NEC take that for granted and think they can impose policy decisions on the current cllrs who were elected by the voters.

It is arrogance - of course based on truth - that a pig with red lipstick on would win for labour in most seats - which doesn't lead to a good council when everyone on it thinks the same way.

Poor old Haringey 

The electorate don’t pick candidates for any political party, they decide who to vote for as their councillor from the candidates chosen to stand.

Imagine for moment that this was more local to you.  You were living in one of the homes in Northumberland Park and you and your neighbours bitterly opposed the councils plans for demolition.  How would you feel if you knew that the people who made that decision wouldn’t be around to take any of the responsibility the day the bulldozers moved on site?  That’s where we are now.  A bunch of people who have the power to trigger this but not the responsibility to see it through.

Exactly - the council is empowered by the electorate until May.

The council is taking and implementing policy decisions every week on a range of issues.

Do you suggest they stop governing in January on the basis that there might be a certain result in May. Shutdown for four months?

Should the Lib Dems and Tories tell them what they can and can't do now on the basis they might take power in June.

I certainly suggest that. The alternative is that a bunch of councillors with executive powers put in place contracts that tie the hands of the incoming councillors in May. If they were employees that had been fired they would not be allowed at their desks.

Jake it’s really not that simple the council can’t just break a legal agreement and if councillors just start doing what they like the council will end up under central administration and run by civil servants 

Why would there be a 6 month break clause? It’s not like most projects surely that’s the point of the opposition.  For what its worth the word I hear is they do want to sign it. And it will the new councillors that have to deal with the tens of  millions lost. At which point the council gets taken over by civil servants 



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