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Do you have any knitting or sewing that you could use some help with? We run free repair Cafés in Tottenham (Broadwater Farm and Lordship Rec) every other Saturday so let us know you're coming and we'll try and match you with a skilled repairer who can help. bit.ly/HaringeyFixers

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Does sewing include darning - that would be great! Many thanks

Hi Kate - yes, daring included! We try and help everyone, whatever they need.

As "bringers" book a free slot in in advance, it gives me a chance to ask amongst the people who have said they can help to be there too. One person who is due to be at the Hub on Saturday does sewing courses and that includes darning so I'm sure will be pleased to help you if you'd like to book.

We're also asking people who are not so skilled just to be there with us as it really helps the atmosphere - people have such a wide range of skill levels. Many would never describe themselves as experts but compared to idiots like me, they have a lot more experience and it's lovely if they're willing to pass it on - that's the main opportunity, skills swap. I pass on to others what I know in exchange. Often it's really helpful just to share common sense...

 Hi Chris sets

Hi Chris sets

Do the repair café is repair cafés help with zip replacements and waistband patching on Jean trousers? If so, please state when the next suitable workshop for sewing will be. I would like to book a place in an afternoon slot.

If so, please state when the next suitable workshop for sewing will be. I would like to book a place in an afternoon slot.

I am already in the process of patching up the knees and bottom seams with sashiko stitching but I don’t think this will be suitable for those areas. 

Many thanks

SUJAN Nandanwar, Ms

Apologies about name typo! 


We ask people what they need help with mending and ask others if they can help with that - local people helping local people. Unpaid volunteers. We aim to help you get better at your own mending so you can mend more yourself in future, not to do the work for free for you.

Really helps if you can put photos here so I can show them around to potential helpers, or email them to us haringeyfixers@gmail.com

We have helped people fix their own zips (although it can be too much work for one session) and jeans - here are some recent photos:

You sound as if you already know more than most so could maybe book a slot and I'll try and match you with another person on your first visit to help with your stuff.

Then, if you like it, maybe you could be there another time to help someone else less able than you.

Session times are usually every other Saturday 12:30-3:30pm in Tottenham  bit.ly/HaringeyFixers

Hope that helps :)


Hi Chris

Many thanks for your feedback about my jeans zip and waistband request. Thanks for being honest about what can be done in a session. I’ve cancelled my workshop slot as it doesn’t seem suitable for me.

With regards to volunteering my time, I’m flattered. Though I only know basics in embroidery and very little on the sewing machine. However I’ll definitely consider it for the future, maybe sometime early next year. 

Best wishes


Very nice! Lots of people simply don't know how to do this properly so if you could be on hand to help and encourage, it just helps create a very nice atmosphere. The idea is that we all share skills and people learn to do it themselves and ideally go on to help others. Hope this means we'll see you soon - meanwhile Happy New Year :)

I'm happy to help with knitting. I'm at Lordship Rec parkrun most Saturdays now, what time is the repair cafe? I'm ok at darning and an expert at "reknitting" - invisible repairs to larger holes in knitwear, especially hand knits. The degree of invisibility depends on whether you have some of the original yarn or if we have to try to colour match.

Thanks Sarah!  It's 12:30 to 3:30pm first Saturday of every month

As we ask "bringers" to book a slot, we know who's signed up to come and then promote accordingly. We have a few people bringing stuff they'd like help with and you'll meet Emma who has booked a 'repairer' ticket. If you would kindly do the same I'll send you a bit more info as to who is bringing what. It also helps with our insurance. bit.ly/HaringeyFixers

Be lovely to see you tomorrow :)



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