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Hi everybody,

Don't know if this has been flagged up already, and not quite on the patch of Harringay Online, but I did find this rather depressing... there were three 'preachers' outside Seven Sisters tube station with a loudhailer yesterday and they were saying something like, 'What is wrong with Tottenham that we allow faggots and effeminate men on our streets...'

I mean, jeesh, it's 2022, guys! Or is there some neanderthal moron revival going on?!

As it happened, I passed by a few hours later, and they were still there, this time being quite threatening to someone they were accusing of laughing at them. 

Be interested to hear if anything has been done about this. If I see it again I'll report it myself. I'm not a very political guy these days, but it does seem shocking that this should be alllowed to happen..

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Well, it's an accurate description, Brian. I honestly wouldn't know whether their background is a factor in their getting away with this. I think btw they've been there for a few weeks but it was only last time I tuned in to what they were saying. It really is offensive stuff and surely in breach of various laws.

My view would be "What is wrong with Tottenham that we allow homophobic (and the rest of the rascist, fascist, mysoginist, abusive) bigots on our streets. My gran and grandad fought at Cable Street. All it takes for evil to succeed if for good men to do nothing.

You are right Gary. However, people are scared. Not scared of the perpetrators but scared of the inevitable allegations of being labelled an '...ist' for criticising the actions of members of a minority group. I'd like to think we live in a society where all people are subject to the same rules and policed equally but it's increasingly clear that is not the case.

Brian I agree absolutely. If this group had been doing what has been reported for several days without any direct action by the MET then it is a sign of what you are saying and what many of us already know to be true. Imagine if you will it was a group of white people doing similar. The police would be there in minutes and would have arrested them all straight away. Racism/sexism/homophobia etc is a human problem and therefore should be closed down and dealt with equally as direct, no matter what the race or faith of the perpetrators are. 

Fundamentalism is usually an evil. The work of the Devil if people are going to use selective text from the Bible. Remember that Christianity, as the name suggests, is the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is not mentioned in the Old Testament.  To me, Christianity is about the New Testament. These hate mongers tend to use the Old Testament, the non Christian part of the Bible, the history part and not the part that guides a person to living a loving life.

I live in Scotland, having left Stamford Hill, over fifty years ago and, believe me, this would not happen in Scotland without a verbal and, probably, physical response from many ordinary people. I remember when the Scottish version of the EDL tried to march in some Scottish cities, they did not get far and haven't been back as far as I am aware.

The community that you want to live in, the right to feel safe in your own community irrespective of gender, sexuality, disability, religion and colour is the responsibility of each and every one of you. You will not get help from authority, the Police have many other higher priorities. The shape of the community you live in is down to you. Each individual can make a difference.

Good words and absolutely correct

Not sure if it's the same guys but there were some fundamentalist Christians there last summer whose speech was just vile. They were extremely mysogynistic. I spoke up against them, but they would not even look at me or respond to me but shout me down with Bible verses. It was 4 of them. The irony was that they made fun of my long haired boy but actually, pointed on my daughter and they themselves had braided hair! Don't get me wrong, I'm a Christian myself, but what they said was just vile, ie women are inferior to men and just there to be inseminated by them. They wore long Skirt-ish dark blue robes with I think golden belts and it was 4 of them, all black with braided hair and shouting in groups from the Bible.

That could well be the same guys. They were concentrating on homophobia when I heard them but wouldn't be surprised if they had a wider repertoire of hatred. 

I do find this rather shocking and hope something can be done about it. Depressingly though it looks like it could be difficult to get rid of them, as they seem to be quite determined to regale us with their opinions.  

Well done to you btw for standing up to them.

Obviously a quandary for the champions of diversity.

I don't see that it is a quandary. It is not necessary to roll over and let evil win because people are uncomfortable about calling out a non white wrong doer. This is generally a civilised country and it is a hate crime to speak in this way. There is still the option of ,making a citizen's arrest. You can take photographs and recordings in a public place. This is evidence.

You can still muster a group of like minded citizens and simply laugh them off the street. Public humiliation is always a good way to remove people in a non violent manner.

I hear what you're saying, Gary. But think it's really got to be someone trying to persuade the police to get involved with this (assuming it continues, of course). Any form of direct action could all go badly wrong, as the only people I saw approach the preachers appeared to be congratulating them on their noble sentiments!



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