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Hi everybody,

Don't know if this has been flagged up already, and not quite on the patch of Harringay Online, but I did find this rather depressing... there were three 'preachers' outside Seven Sisters tube station with a loudhailer yesterday and they were saying something like, 'What is wrong with Tottenham that we allow faggots and effeminate men on our streets...'

I mean, jeesh, it's 2022, guys! Or is there some neanderthal moron revival going on?!

As it happened, I passed by a few hours later, and they were still there, this time being quite threatening to someone they were accusing of laughing at them. 

Be interested to hear if anything has been done about this. If I see it again I'll report it myself. I'm not a very political guy these days, but it does seem shocking that this should be alllowed to happen..

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Of course that is what you would see. It is safe to go up to anyone and say "I support you". The same people will not go up to them and say the same thing when there is a larger counter protest. 

i revert to my first comment. Rollover and evil triumphs.

I have been perturbed about the “preaching” on the corner at Seven Sisters station for years. It’s not just the content, which I do generally find offensive (and this latest example sounds both appalling and illegal); it’s also the sheer volume. I live about half a kilometre away and can regularly hear the yelling in my house and in the backyard. It’s unbearable if you are in any of the shops or cafés nearby. A few years ago the owner of one of the nearby shops started playing music at high volume and he was stopped very quickly indeed, and yet the preachers (of all religious persuasions) seem to have some magical immunity. Surely this is a public nuisance in the base case, and the content in this particular case makes it actively illegal? There should not be any “religious immunity” from the laws applying to everyone else.

The Noise Team, if it still exists, can stop the use of PA systems. BUT the complaint has to come from someone who can call them out to listen to and measure the noise from their own location. (You are not then identified.)  I have often cursed (!) the street preachers as i pass them and their racket, but it's muffled by trees from my  home so I can't officially complain.

Sod's law if that the noise stops by the time the noise team arrives, too.

If it helps, Dundee Council have just released an app which is used for noisy neighbours. You record the disturbance and this is used as evidence.

Oh gosh, yes, it's a horrible noise, whch you'd be unlikely to compare to birdsong drifting across the breeze!

I can kind of understand why the police would be reluctant to get involved in anything religious, but these characters do seem to have so overstepped the mark. Just got to get some proper evidence and try to get something done about them, I suppose.



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