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Dear neighbours,

I'm delighted to announce the Harringay Village Fete from your local Church of England parish church. Saturday 6th July, 12-4pm, at St Paul's Harringay on the corner of Cavendish Road. We're pouring more resources into our fete this year and are looking forward to live music, bouncy castle and a cake competition.

As background, I have been the vicar of St Paul's for a year now and have conducted a Community Listening Project during that time. Many of you who live on the Ladder have been kind enough to talk to us as part of this. Out of the 1,200 doors we've knocked on, one of the most common themes that emerges is the love of community here. 1 in every 5 people we have talked to specifically mention the community and diversity of Harringay. I'm struck that we have something special here in London, and perhaps particularly in this part of London: many different nations and languages, living alongside each other remarkably peacefully. (This is also why I would like to develop St Paul's precious community space to serve our neighbourhood more. But more on that in due course.)

To that end, we are excited about a traditional village fete that's not a traditional village fete! We'd love you to join us and could do with all the help we can get. Please message me if you would like to run a stall, or help out in some other way.

Yours faithfully,

Rev'd Pete Snow

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Village? Now that is stretching it a bit. I suppose West Green might have been a village of sorts but until they built it Harringay didn't even exist. But hey, have a ball - I'd love to be there.

It’s a village fete being held in Harringay rather than a fete being held in a Harringay Village

Nice twist!

Should see me rhumba.



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