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As everyone seems to know how to solve the traffic flow system why don't you have a go at re-flowing the traffic from North to South and East to West to see if any valid solutions can be found, other than not using your car!

Closing off roads isn’t in my opinion an option and only increases traffic flow to our neighbouring areas.

Also attached is how I think could improve traffic flow, in addition to that:

• Width restrictors, two say two per road (flower beds).
• Narrower entrances to the roads (flower beds).
• Speed humps should stay, or be replaced by level topped humps.

I have not taken into account no right/left turns.

There is a blank JPEG for you to mark your one ways.

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I think they need a little more imagination, that's all. The Charter consultation's heart was in the right place but it took place in an out of the way building that required a teensy bit of effort to get to, there was much more contact with people by having a stall at the Harringay Festival.

Go where the people are, not wait for them to come to you. If you are in the street or the Harringay Passage, outside schools, the post office, pubs, outside shops (inside shops?) and supermarkets, you will catch more people. I recall that a consultation over use of the New River had a stall at Sainsbury's and caught me that way - at that stage of my life I'd never have gone to a meeting about it- imagine how round tables about traffic would get attention if they were held on the corner of Lothair opposite the grid lock on a Saturday afternoon!
That sounds like good sense Liz.
Yes, they certainly put the effort into going door-to-door when it's election time.
My god John campaigning to have worse roads, that's a first. Not a contrary northerner mate just trying to find some sort of solution to a near damn impossible task.

Maybe this would help as it's speeding cars and especially heavy lorries that seem to be one of the problems here. Just imagine if HOL had a bank balance for such items ; )

Liz, they did have live consultations asking people for their input to my knowledge, one at Allison Road church and one at the Greek church where residents could suggest what preferences they wanted, even gated roads in the middle! If people don't comment I am unsure what else can be done?
See my comment above, Birdy, to Hugh. Just a couple of times in a church hall - and were they on a Sunday when the cars roll up and fill up the roads around them?- isn't what I mean by going out to the people.
Yes was typing at the same time, I agree with you though. One was a weekday evening.
The other thing I think is missing from all schemes that require public engagement/consultation is the opportunity for review. Having done something, the council often thinks that that's the end of the story but it would be of great use to us if they were prepared to spend some time on assessing success and failure. Here, the Area Assemblies could be of use -more themed meetings that aim to get feedback on things done in an area, well advertised in the local press, and (dare I say it?) through online forums that people can access for longer periods than the two hours of a local meeting.
Are you reading all this council of the 7th May - whoever you may be?
But of course! And taking all these suggestions down in what is becoming a huge word document labelled 'Harringay Traffic Survey'...
That's a little disappointing. I'd hoped to hear that you're compiling a dossier labelled Harringay Traffic Solutions - short term & medium term
Well, I can change the title... How about 'Harringay Traffic Survey - Residents' proposals'? And surely we're looking at the long term here...?
The long-term...in the long-term..... but we also need a fix in the short-term Chris.

Moving on from "We're investigating the possibility of identifying the funds to look into it", would be a a start. However, as well as a hop to "We're planning to look into it", I'd hope we could add in the skip and the jump too and arrive at "We're planning to do something to alleviate the problem immediately and will be delivering plans fro a long term solution within X time period".



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