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Towards the end of last week, a notice from Haringey Council was posted through my door with some information about revised street cleaning arrangements and an invitation to provide feedback as part of a consultation on the effectiveness of these new arrangements.

I was keen to maximise the participation in this feedback process. So I thought I’d put a note on the site here. Before doing that however, I wanted to check some background. The notice was addressed to me as a Hewitt Road Resident and explained that only certain roads would benefit from this improved street cleaning. I thought I ought to find out which other roads were included before putting anything on the site (maybe that was the wrong decision given the consultation timescale. Sorry.)

Yesterday Haringey returned my call and I spoke to a very helpful chap, Chris Collins, in Waste Management who gave me the names of the roads affected by the new scheme. In a nutshell, it’s pretty much all of the roads in Harringay (see this Google Map for my definition of Harringay). Yet it was the subsequent conversation, which arose from a few additional questions I posed, that was to prove the most interesting. The outcome of the conversation is summarised below. (I’m afraid that there are certain gaps in the information I have because the list Chris was working from was arranged by day and covered the whole borough. So it was difficult for him to pick out all the roads – but I think we covered 90%):

1. Most roads in Harringay are swept once a week. EXCEPT, Rutland Gardens, Stanhope Gardens which are swept twice a week with the ends near to Green Lanes swept daily. (These more intensive cleaning arrangements may also cover Roseberry and Kimberley (sorry - info gap), BUT not Chesterfield or any Ladder roads). I imagine Green Lanes is also cleaned daily.

2. Under the new arrangements most roads in Harringay are now getting a 'litter-pick' once a week. BUT for the Ladder roads this litter-pick covers only the western end of the roads, that is to say the part between the Passage and Wightman. AND WITH THE EXCEPTION of Sydney, Raleigh (and perhaps a couple of the neighbouring streets – info gap here) whose entire length is litter-picked.

Go figure, does that make sense to you? Where I’m not sure about certain roads in the info above I have made that clear. Should you want to check your own road, you can contact Chris Collins on 020 8489 5668.

(I have emailed Chris with the above details and asked hin to correct any errors and fill in any gaps. I will let you know if I get a response).

So now we have a consultation, please respond on the 3 specific questions they ask:

1. Have you noticed the litter pickers?
2. Do you think they are doing a good job?
3. Does your street look cleaner?

But, if you feel it is appropriate you may also decide to comment on the logic of the general cleaning schedule.

The email address for responses is streetscene@haringey.gov.uk The deadline is 1st February. (NOW EXTENDED TO 8TH - see my "reply" below.)

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I use to challenge people too.

I use to say " excuse me, I think you've dropped something", in a caring I think it's a tenner kind of way.

I said this to one huge bloke getting onto a bus and he just looked at me with such hate and continued it so much, I had to get off the bus, fearing he was going to chop me up into little bits and litter them over the road.

I try and keep my mouth shut now, although it is difficult, although my son usually says loudly "look at that naughty man daddy dropping litter on the floor"!
That's exactly how I started the conversation. The bloke said, "No it's okay I don't want it." I replied (and this was my mistake), "well perhaps you could put it in the bin you are stood next to"...all hell broke loose.
Good plan to train the children...I'll try it. My girl has got a voice like a foghorn!
You're brave. I always want to say something and rarely do. Mind you, the other day I saw a little girl drop a wrapper, I genuinely think by accident, but be told by her mum when she reached down to pick it up that she should leave it because it was dirty...

Its one of those issues that seems very petty, given the other things that our money gets spent on (schools, hospitals etc). But it has a huge impact on the way we think about where we live. It's one of things I really don't like about here to be honest, it is just very grimy.

As for the dog shit, don't even get me started. It is guaranteed to start me ranting. I'm sad to say that spend a lot of the time when I'm walking down the passage trying to come up with some wonderful invention a la Dragons Den that would do horrible things to lazy dog owners (and earn me a nice packet). No luck yet.
Being very old I remember a sketch in a Stanley Baxter TV programe where a bloke threw something out of a car and a formidable lady (think Lady Bracknell) said, "Exuse me, I think you dropped something.". "Oh I don't want it" replies he. She picks it up and puts it through the window and says "And neither does Royal Tunbridge Wells". Worth a shot?

The one that works for me is "I think you've dropped something", forllowed by the usual "I don't want it", to which I say "Well, I'll pop it in the bin for you, shall I?." in a bright an cheery way. Works a treat.
Thanks very much for this info. The litter problem round here is the only thing I really hate about living in this neighbourhood. As a resident of Stanhope Gardens, though, I am completely amazed by the council's claim that they sweep the ends of Stanhope Gardens and Rutland Gardens near to Green Lanes each day. Anyone who walks along these roads each day will know that we have to wade knee deep in litter to reach Green Lanes, and the same litter is certainly there day after day. I think a lot of the litter blows in from Green Lanes. There is also a big problem with people dumping rubbish, including plastic bags which split open and spill their contents on the pavement (where they lie around and blow about for days.) I hope that between us we can exert some pressure to get the council to improve street cleaning throughout the neighbourhood.
That's one of the things this website is for. I wrote to Chris Collings with a written note of what he told me and asked for confirmation/correction. No reply as yet.
An old Harringay street litter thread; which says the same things the newer threads talk about (ie. little has changed!).

Why don't the council set up commercial waste points along Green Lanes so bags are taken there, instead of being left next to lamp posts. A lockable paladin bin with a low railing around it would work. This should be easier/quicker for the bin men to work with (but of course best asking them!).
That, Matt, is far too practical a solution. Good grief, stop showing imagination when dealing with a problem!
My question is,are these what Nora is talking about in her new thread? Nora?
Oh yes, .... sorry.
This sounds really weird. So the top end of my road will be cleaned, and the bottom end where all the rubbish is will not. Yep. Crystal clear.
Have never seen the litter pickers, and it does not look like they're around much.
I am also not clear why some Garden Roads get swept twice weekly with a daily sweep near Green Lanes which makes perfect sense, and roads on the other side of the road do not, despite the fact that roads like Seymour have fast food outlets at the Green lanes end of them which as we know generates large amounts of litter. Who determined that schedule and what was the rational?
And I repeat, are these the same arrangements that Nora posted on in "Cleaner Harringay"? In which case, they are not working.



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