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I've just been in to check out the new health food, wine and record shop just a few doors up from Blend. Think it's just called "Harringay Stores", the one that had "Not another Tesco" in the window :)

It's so good to see something a bit different along Green Lanes. The people that run the place are really friendly and it's a great selection of health foods & deli at pretty reasonable prices. They also have the Yogi Tea selection. I LOVE the idea of having a mini record shop selling some of my favourite alternative music (At the Drive in, Aphex Twin etc)

I for one am going to support them!

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It's Harringay Local Store, Yan, and yes, well worth supporting - and possibly the coolest shopkeepers in town.

Wow, Pendulum! that explains the music selection.

Exciting times in Harringay..

Do they really have a mini records shop?! Cool, I'll check it out.

Not only for the records obviously :)

They do. See my second link above to see why.

Wow, interesting change of business! I'll definitely pop in during the week end.

I think its diversification rather than change.

I used to have a blog about food and music, so I can see the connection!

They sell mini records?

Went in on opening day to take advantage of my 10% discount - thanks HoL!! Bought some yummy stuff, including delicious bread - expensive, but I'm managing to make it last. It's not somewhere I could afford to shop regularly - and I'm sure that's true for many Harringay residents - but the shop interior does look fab and I wish them well.

Yes, Harringay Local Store :)

There are some gluten-free things I normally get from Sainsbury's but much happier to get those things locally and support our village. I think theya re the same price or maybe even cheaper

It is nice to see a store selling different products. Bought some raw oak honey, ginger beer and some kombucha. I wish it luck and hope it does well.

oh thanks! great news about the kombucha- i usually have to trek to get that as have *still* not got around to making my own..(one day) 



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