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Repairs and upgrading to Harringay station, including a new ticket office and the footbridge are due to start this year, according to London blogger Ian Visits.

Read the full blog here

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Good to see him linking to us in his post. 

Network Rail's press release here.  Ian has understandably read it as 'office' = 'ticket office', but there will be no ticket office in future, just ticket machines on the bridge.

"Work on the first stage of the project will start on Friday 26 February, when teams will begin building a new office for GTR staff on platform 1, where passengers will be able to get travel information. This work will take place behind hoardings over the next few months and has been carefully planned so it will not impact on train services.

As well as bringing more modern facilities, this part of the project will allow the existing ticket office on the footbridge to close, before work takes place to remove it".

Ian writes a wide-ranging blog, always worth a read.

Thank you, and is there any news of a lift for wheelchair/pram users/luggage/older people please? IF not WHY not!?

It's a bit vague. According to the press release that Gordon linked to,

"There’ll be a convenient new help point for people who need assistance to go down to the platforms."

Not clear if that means a lift of some sort. 

No news of a lift Geraldine, even in the earlier missives from Network Rail.

Alexandra Palace station, a much busier station than Harringay, has no level/disabled access despite having had a makeover [I'm surprised].

And the particular terrain of Harringay station [exceedingly steep gradients on the eastern - Station Approach - side and little land to build a 'walkabout' tower on that eastern side] mean that lifts plus level access won't happen in the foreseeable future, I regret.

By comparison, Harringay Green Lanes station nearby, with wheelchair gradients, shows how it can be done if there's the space.

Oh well, at least now Finsbury Park BR has a lift now so we have that to be glad about at least. Thanks for looking into it -)

Though the lifts at Finsbury Park only cover the rail platforms that are above the tube platforms. The western platforms, for northbound Great Northern/Thameslink trains, do not have a lift....

Until 1922, there used to be lifts connecting down to the Thameslink

The link gave me a not found 404 error, but goohle came up with this n the upgrade


which has some info

IanVisits in "in maintenance" - so try a bit later.

An update on these works from IanVisits:


"Work to reinforce the footbridge inside the station will begin this month, and aprt from reinforcing the 1885 structure, Network Rail will be removing the old ticket office, which has to be removed in line with building regulations"

- due for completion in February 2023

Finsbury Park Access for All scheme is currently in construction : https://www.networkrailmediacentre.co.uk/news/work-begins-on-major-...

There are also plans for accessibility improvements at Alexandra Palace station - currently in development: https://www.networkrail.co.uk/communities/passengers/station-improv...



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