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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Notices have gone up stating that the station footbridge will be closed due to major works from 6am on Saturday 'till 4am on Monday.

I'm not sure when these notices went up I only saw them today.  The notices are quite small and badly positioned so they are easily missed.  

A lot of people are going to be caught out by this, imagine coming up from Green Lanes with a heavy shopping bag only to discover that one has to trek down Wightman, Endymion, Oakfield and Stapleton Hall Roads.  Network Rail could at least have laid on buses.  Also tough if you are planning to catch a train

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Yep, they should! 

Both Harringay and Hornsey stations are effectively barred to disabled people. To get on the overground to Moorgate or Hertford/Welwyn Garden City requires a journey to Finsbury Park. 

And many other stations. Here is the Great Northern map of station accessibility [pdf] - https://www.greatnorthernrail.com/-/media/goahead/great-northern/pd...

It's not good, lots of red Xs [not step-free] including all stations south of Finsbury Park, even Moorgate.

The lift to platforms 7/8 (northbound) at Finsbury Park is almost finished, but at the moment the stairs to platform level must still be surmounted.

Gosh, you're observant. I was there, snapping away on Monday and didn't notice the sign. I noticed the missing 'booking hall' though .

PS: love their spelling of the word -my spelling- convenience...

Oh I did unwittingly capture it though [ I didn't realise..]


From the colour at the bottom, the 'national rail' pole sign in your 2nd photo lools like it dates back to WAGN Railway days! West Anglia Great Northern Railway (WAGN), was the first franchised operator to take over the station in 1996, I think it was.

Thanks. I used the station last week and didn't these notices at all. Obviously notices of intended works not as stringent as other works eg highways , or not being observed by network rail, train operators or contractors.



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