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Isn't it customary to give a reason?

The bloke putting up that notice told me it was for work on the footbridge supports, which can only be done when no trains are running and the power is turned off.

Can they make it less lethal to cross in a wheelchair, please? 

I'm not sure I understand those times and dates. Am I missing something?

It's not very clearly laid out, but as I read it:

Station closure: From 11pm on 23/12/23 till 2am on 27/12/23.

Footbridge closure: From 2am on 25/12/23 till 10pm on 26/12/23.

Does that makes more sense?

That makes sense, but it's not what the notice says. Furthermore, whoever typed out the test doesn't know the difference between a 0 and an O.



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