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Considering a move to Harringay and would appreciate some advice on transport. My partner needs to travel to Moorgate and we've heard that it can be almost impossible to board a train going in this direction during morning rush hour (7:30-8:30). We use Finsbury Pk at the moment and have noticed that trains are often extremely full by the time they get to us (then empty out significantly at Finsbury Park) - suggesting people further up the line might've had difficulty getting on. I'd be really interested to hear from any commuters using Harringay station to travel into the city - is it doable in the morning, or does the day start with a hellish battle to board a carriage?

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No need, just use the Tube unless there's a specific reason you want to avoid it. Cheaper as well.

Is it me or have two of the local platforms at Finsbury Park just been extended? maybe presaging longer trains?

Some of the platforms have been extended to take 12-coach trains, for destinations Peterborough and Cambridge. Our local trains have to stick at 6 coaches, the platforms at Drayton Park, Highbury etc cannot be lengthened except at inordinate cost.

Yep, and from 2018 those platforms will get you to St Pancras rather than King's Cross, and from there to destinations in central and south London and beyond:

Tbh from this location I would just jump on the Tube at Manor House or Finsbury Park and go into Kings Cross - from there it's a 5 minute journey on the Northern line so you can do the entire trip in 25 mins on a good day. I used to commute to Farringdon this way and it was one of the easiest commutes I've ever had.

As others have said, Manor House is in zone 2. You don't need a zone 3 ticket living in this area.

I get the train from Harringay to Moorgate every morning (at varying times between 8:30 and 9:30), and the worst part about Harringay is the train cancellations. I have to walk away from Finsbury Park to use Harringay station, so once I've committed it's a real pain to find nothing is running (usually with almost no information available to tell you this).

I prefer to walk through Finsbury Park - it adds 10 minutes to the commute, but it's a nice start to the day and if the trains aren't running when I get to the station I can always jump on the tube.

Apart from all that, I think the squash is no worse than the tube at the same time of day, and probably better - overall the train's a nicer experience in my view. If I have to wait for the next train at all (only really necessary for the 8:30 trains) it's only for one train, and if you do manage to get on it's common for lots of people to get off at FP so you can often get a seat the rest of the way :)

If you do stick with the train it's worth getting the trainline app (if you've a smart phone) as that now has a function that allows you to see whether trains are running on time.

I echo what others have said about the merits of buses and the tube over the train. I used to work quite near Old St and so tried various options. I often cycled (another option - just 30 mins!) but if I did go in via public transport I'd often get the bus in and the train or tube back (it's never so crushed coming home). 

The 'Faredealer' column in RAIL magazine says booking tickets with the train operator direct is always cheaper than the trainline and similar websites. Also check out Real Time Trains for train running info.

If you want to see where the trains are on the signal box diagrams go to Open Train Times.

Thanks again for all of the responses - really useful info.

I usually leave after 8.30, but when I've travelled in earlier, I've always managed to get on the first train, even if it is more of a squeeze. I've always found the train service fairly reliable - and it's so incredibly convenient. 15 mins direct to the City and, via the Tube, to Oxford Circus, which is pretty unbeatable in London.

When the stopper service going north from Harringay at 7.56 is delayed/ cancelled I have taken the next train into Finsbury Park around the same time. It is standing room only by then but I have always boarded. The crowds empty at FPK for the Victoria Line. But you put yourself in the hands of Govia - do you really want to do do that if you have a choice??? 



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