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 The fun part

finsbury park2

by Cem Kaplan


The grit


  • Parkview: OPEN as usual but planning to close at 1:15pm Monday
  • Hornsey School for Girls CLOSED Monday, apart from students taking exams this week (Post 16 and Year 11) - added here 9pm Sunday.
  • North Harringay Primary is open Monday, although they do say to;

     ... check the school website after 8am on Monday morning 21st January 2013 for an update.

  • South Harringay Infant School currently say they are open Monday, however they do advise;

          .... We will text in the morning to let you know if we are open or not. We will also    

          update the website.


  • council will update the latest schools information as and when they receive it. You can contact schools directly on Monday morning. Find your school's contact details here


  • Locally there's been about 5 inches/12cms of snowfall.
  • BBC and other weather websites have the snowfall continuing till the wee small hours, with next 5 days staying around 0 degrees C

Harringay Passage

In the past the Passage has ended up slippery as settled snow is trampled upon and overnight temperatures turn that into ice. With the above weather conditions this may happen again, as in 2010 ('Help clear the passage')

 Local councillor David Schmitz doing his bit for the volunteer ice clearance of 2010.


Wonderful shot here of Harringay Passage 2013 by Sam R 


The wildlife

Jenny wren

by Sam R

 The New River. More surreal night shots from Hugh Flouch over here


******* Feel free to add info if you wish over the coming hours/days **********



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Had a text and tweet from Greig City Academy to say they are open tomorrow.

How many points do you get on the League Table of Responsible Education if you tweet that you are open when your Hornsey neighbours are closed. I vote they call themselves the Greig All-Weather City Academy. Saint David and St Catherine, pray for us.

Thanks Birdy. Corrected within the above post as well.

Call this snow??    Wimps :)

Have you seen Moscow lately? 

Iirc you may remember the Big Freeze: What was it like?

sorry to spoil the fun, but it's a road high in the japanese mountains, which is closed because of a winter's worth of snow and drifting. they clear it in the spring. not really a fair comparison. perhaps it's more like a high alpine pass.

right, boring head off - continue with your fun

Should have linked to South Harringay Infants website which is here. SH Junior School yet to decide? No text from them at this point.

Couldn't find a website for South Harringay Junior School. Do they have one?

Yes but it doesn't come up in searches for some reason. Can't remember if it's been officially 'released' yet. They text all parents though so I can update in morning if we hear anything. 

All South Harringay schools are open today

The good folk of Harringay are out already clearing snow away around the passage, up around Frobisher Rd.



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