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What is Eurovision ?

It's an offshoot of the infamous Eurotrash; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_3JhBCmWaI :)
Hugh, for the full on experience you have watch it on a big screen in a gay bar in Paris like I did last night. Everyone got their tricolours waving for the French entry but when he sang the last note completely flat the sobbing started. Mind you, when someone heard me speaking English the entente cordial was soured somewhat with a rousing chorus of "Pas de points, pas de points"
I thought they'd let us win so we wouldn't Brexit....

Turkey actually withdrew from Eurovision in 2013, and Russia could be next out.

Eurovision is also shockingly popular, according to the above article:

"Eurovision is currently the most-watched non-sporting television event in the world - by far. It has viewing figures 10x higher than the Oscars."

I love the moaning from Russia about the 'political voting' that saw Ukraine win. I am stunned they take it so seriously.

As a Welsh friend of mine once said after he overheard me being mildly competitive with a friend on some rather trivial matter, 'It's like the Welsh Olympic team arguing over 7th place!'...



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