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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I'm confused, they've been campaigning to stop the Green Lanes Post Office from closing but now there's this. 

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Where is this?  Is that the old Paul Simon?

Yeah the old Paul Simon

A post office, but not as we know it . ..  I suspect.

And frankly that gets my vote.  A post office in the back of WH Smiths or similar outlet is still a useful resource.

Agreed fully! 

Hope it's run by the same people as the Turnpike Lane one because that's ace

Thoroughly agree.

The current Harringay crown post office is being closed through shabby government policy, and the new one will be a franchise. The person taking it on is the same man who has taken over Finsbury Park post office and that is definitely not ace.

I was in the Harringay post office yesterday and asked the very kind man who served me if the p.o. employees were going across to the new place.  He said “No, we’re too expensive.”

If the new franchise is like Crouch End and Muswell Hill, it will  be a fairly expensive stationary store with a few ( depending on size) post office positions.  A privatised post office, a bit like sections of the NHS which are hospital based but run by private corporations.

This is not good news then. The staff at Harringay PO are wonderful, usually friendly and helpful, community minded, they know many of their regular customers and it's a crying shame they are losing their jobs. It's happening all over the country, progress, eh? Like with banks, hardly any 'tellers' anymore, just machines. 

Indeed - the whole thing is very shabby . . 

So many PO's have become informal meeting places in some communities, especially for older people. All this talk of tackling loneliness and social isolation yet important places like POs being shut down. Wrong. Stupid.

I'm heading down to PO to post things early before it's gone... I could weep



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