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After a stint at  Edinburgh, a performance piece by Harringay local Sarah Thom is at Islington theatre bar, the Hen & Chickens for a week in May.

The piece is about fictional character Gillian Beak who, after 30 years working in the British Fringe Theatre Circuit, bares all, sharing a lifetime of theatrical windfalls.

Sarah Thom has performed on many shows with BBC Radio 4 comedy & drama - including 5 series of Clare in the Community - and appeared in TV classics such as Not Going Out & Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. She’s also currently a regular on Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast as his sister, Karen.

“A brilliantly written, wholly believable and very funny tragicomic creation”
The List ⭑⭑⭑⭑


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Go and see this if you can. Utterly brilliant performance. Hilariously funny… 

Highly recommended - a great show!

I saw this when it played last month and loved it was hilarious!!  

Second the other comments and recommend this hilarious show by local actor Sarah Thom! 

Went to see it and laughed the whole time! And very easy to get to from Harringay. Perfect outing. 

Loved this show! Totally recommend for a night out. Go with friends- you will laugh a LOT and maybe also shed a tear or two. Only two mins from Highbury and Islington tube! 

A very funny poignant show that is unlike anything else out there. And in lovely pub where you can get a nice drink after!

This is a great play for anyone who has ever worked in theatre or done team building exercises at work, and at a great venue for having a few drinks before and after! 



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