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Does anyone know why and is it blocked all the way to Finsbury Park? Walked through the passage for the first time the other day as part of a walk.

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It's always been blocked at Umfreville, before Railway Fields (which used to be a coal yard for coal delivered by rail) & the Overground line.

The passage is actually the route of the main sewer as well; you can see a number of vents along the way, and large chimney-like structure at the end by Railway Fields.

Thanks - the blockage I saw just looked like a fairly recent works sign. So you just then have to detour onto Green Lanes for the last bit? Incidentally, Railway Fields shows no sign of life.

Human life maybe but there's plenty of non-human life enjoying the break :)

Do you mean this one?  The addition of the bit of fence is newish but you’ve never been able to get through as it was the entrance to a coal depot and behind that runs the Gospel Oak to Barking line

Interesting - didn't look like that when I passed it. It seemed to have an additional yellow workmens' sign there.

Do you mean that you can't walk between Burgoyne and Umfreville at the moment? 

The gate in Michael's picture is actually to the backs of people's houses from the days when they took deliveries of coal. It's never been a public right of way. The big tower you can see over the fence is the water surge tower for the sewer that is running beneath our feet when we walk down the Passage. 

Thanks, Liz. Not having walked down it before, I just assumed it went all the way down the ladder but in fact it's been closed off there? Doesn't bother me but was curious to know if it was just temporary (clearly not, I now know) or permanent, meaning a diversion onto Green Lanes in order to get to Finsbury Park.



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