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Last Thursday, there was a video meeting between Mike Hakata, Haringey's traffic boss, and local people. Sadly, I was on a flight back from a short break and was unable to attend. I've asked for the slides they used and will share those when I get them. In the meantime, Jim Leedham of Harringay Ladder Healthy Streets (HLHS), has sent out a copy of the timeline slide. I share that below. If anyone else attended the virtual meeting and can offer some comment, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on how it went.

You can sign up to the HLHS newsletter here.

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Brampton, Rowley and Riches roads, on the other side of the lanes, are two way and no wider than the any of the ladder roads. 
But I hear what your saying. For me controlling traffic in London should start at the M25 and Norf circular.

I’d like to see the council definition of Harringay being destination. If it’s what I think it is, I think it needs handling carefully. I imagine that most of us didn’t move here to be in a destination town. That sounds to me like somewhere designed for people who don't live here rather than those that do. I’d rather see a neighbourhood that puts local people first. 

You commented on the topic Andrew when I posted about it on 10 March.  I also included a link to the webinar.  You could have joined if you wished.


It may have been the intention but nothing in the letter suggested it was open to all. Although my point previously was more around the limited invitations and publicity of these things and the issues that caused previously.

Michael, thank you for posting the info about the call. We (Hermitage New River Residents' Association) would have liked to join but when we visited the website there were no tickets available.

Echoing comments here and on the other thread, it is disappointing that the engagement process does not appear to have been formally extended to the wider Harringay area although the potential changes being discussed would clearly impact the whole neighbourhood.

The meeting was open to everyone. Just FYI.

I'm a management consultant and produce this sort of waffle on a weekly basis. All of this amounts to nothing but a commitment to do something, at some point before the second coming of Christ. Drafted in between intense coffee intake and 'comfort breaks.'

Key words: concept options, interim, further engagement/feedback. LOL/Crying.

I’m normally as sceptical as the next man with regards to council action / inaction. To be fair on this issue, on this occasion though, they have already approved a number of traffic control measures recently. The Ladder has always been, and remains, the thorniest of traffic issues. As things stand, I think Mike Hakata means well. It’s not clear what’s intended at this stage and I remain wary, but I do think something will happen this time round (although I am touching wood as I write). 

With regards to the HLHS thinking. Jim shared the following map with me. It splits the ladder into a number of cells with four filters indicated by black lozenges. Jim has confirmed that as far as the group is concerned, these could be either physical or camera-controlled. 

That seems the obvious way to do it. It may increase local traffic movements on the rungs (previously you could enter via Green Lanes and leave via Wightman or vice versa whereas now you'll have to go up one and down another) but will obviously cut out all the through traffic. Will probably also cause a hefty increase on Endymion and Turnpike Lane (which seems ill equipped for it as it is at the moment).

I can't see this being done and also restricting Green Lanes to be honest, nice as that would be.

Thanks Hugh. You can take a look at an online version of this design here. There are notes on the map that you can toggle on and off.

As some more background: this design has been put together by local residents who have been meeting as Harringay Ladder Healthy Streets. It's the result of discussion with hundreds of residents of the Ladder over the last 12-18 months, but fair to say it is a continual work in progress.

None of us claim to be experts at traffic management - rather we have come together as a local group to propose what we think is a starting point for a design which would remove through traffic.

We've shared with all of the residents on our mailing lists, and we continue to welcome feedback/thoughts/concerns - you can reach us at ladderhealthystreets@gmail.com or join our mailing list. We want to get as much community input as possible.

Did you see the discussion about the Enfield switch from physical barriers to APNR ones? According to respondents to that thread the St Ann's LTN is to be heavily reliant on camera-controlled filters too. 



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