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Great to see a community event like this but can someone take the signs down please as they've been left up on trees and lamposts and are starting to fall off and create even more litter to wade through.


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Another discussion was posted just after the hurtle, thanking the organisers for all their work in setting up the event. In a comment on the second page of that post, someone wrote the following:

Whilst I agree the removal of the signage should have been factored in by the organisers I think if any of us see signs still up we can do our bit and remove them. 

I agree. I'd seen a sign the day before I read this comment and had simply taken it down.

It's great that people put the time and energy into setting up events like this without any personal gain.

In in ideal world, arrangements would be made to remove the signs. However, I'm grateful to those who did the organising and, in my opinion,  it's not too much to ask the rest of us to remove a sign as we walk by.  


So how long will that take?

I don't think it's too much (or mean-spirited as is being made out) to ask the guys who put them up to take them down?

Come on guys! 

And I agree with Penguin. This happens every year and the answer is always " we can't be bothered to take them down- why can't you if you're complaining? "

Now, of course we could. But I think it's instructive to see how long the organisers are prepared to leave it for others to clear up their mess.

In response to Hugh - I would  like to live in an ideal world.

No comment.

Good grief ! Nobody is saying they can't be bothered... we live in a community and we are neighbours so why say "I think it's instructive to see how long the organisers are prepared to leave it for others to clear up their mess."  

A small notice on a lamppost is hardly a mess and as I haven't seen any of these dreadful "messy" notices on my travels around the local roads so please would you tell me where you have seen any and I will go and take any down so you won't be further irritated.

PS I am nothing to do with the Hurtle I just think that its absolutely amazing that neighbours give their time and energy to organise such a great event for the local community.

Maggie. It's instructive in that nowadays people can't be bothered to finish the job.

As another example, when I'm teaching, I usually find that the previous teacher hasn't bothered to clean the board after their previous class, leaving it for me to do. It's a matter of common courtesy but, in fact, such courtesy isn't very common.

Another common curtesy is to realise that most people try to do their best  most of the time. When someone in the community works hard on behalf of that community it is really lovely when others just give a little hand when they see it is needed rather than carp.

Its easy enough to take any down in passing however if you would like to tell me where you can find any than I would happily go out and remove any that have been inadvertantly left. 

I have taken a couple down on my travels. I hopefully will take more down as I see them.

It would be useful to know who to give them back to so they can be reused- hopefully it will save some time in prepping for the next one!

Hi Justin, 

That’s helpful. Pop them in Sth Harringay school next time you pass and I’ll hand them back for use next time. I have 12 I need to give back too that some children collected. 



I've just found this thread. Crikey. I'd planned to go around the routes tomorrow evening taking them all down. I've been busy up till then with kids and things so just haven't had time. If you see one up before then and feel so inclined please do just pull it down and put it in a bin, they're only on with a bit of sticky tape so easy to pull off.  



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