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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Great to see a community event like this but can someone take the signs down please as they've been left up on trees and lamposts and are starting to fall off and create even more litter to wade through.


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Done. Think I got them all, I'm sure I'll hear if I've missed any :)

Well done Ant. Thanks.

As a community, it wouldn't be so hard for us to take responsibility and remove the signs ourselves no?

You would think so, wouldn't you ? But apart from two, or maybe three, nobody did.  The primary responsibility lies with those who put them up.  

...so you are not part of the community??? I've asked if you would post on here where these signs are ( I haven't seen any) so I could take them down but so far you haven't, instead you would rather post criticisms. So instead of carping please just give a hint where these bloody signs are that are such a dreadful blot on the landscape and I will go out and remove them!

I think they are all gone now. Ant took them down. But you miss the point. I don't think it was the responsibility of "the community " to finish the job. Some individuals did and good for them.

I certainly didn't miss the point!

FWIW I rather liked seeing the signs still up in the days after the event, it was a welcome reminder of a very enjoyable and valuable community event.

Also worth remembering that the organisers of these events are volunteers. With work, family and other commitments, it takes a few months to organise an event like this, and if it takes a couple of weeks for the signage to be cleared away, that's fine by me.

I seem to remember last time something similar happened, the complainants left it a couple of weeks before complaining that the signs were still up, but for some reason were quicker off the mark this time.

Not as Bad as the Large Metal Pavement signs Out in Wood Green advising people of Spurs Matches miles away in Tottenham 

Any Signs attached to Street Furniture are a Offence. normally as long as removed No Action is Taken

When as Enforcement Officer used to Spend my Monday's with the Van Collecting these, many years ago

I can’t believe how selfish and mean spirited some people are. Surely if you see a sign, you simply take it down if it offends your eyes. Just saying. Seeing as this was all organised by volunteers. Maybe if it offends your eyes, you can volunteer to go round after the event and take all the signs down in good community spirit

thanks Ant, I would have done it on my bike if I had known, next year



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