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Back in 2012, I organised a group of locals clubbed together on HoL to buy an old map of part of the Harringay Ladder as the area was being developed. We won the auction on eBay and were able to donate the map to Bruce Castle Museum.

Before giving it away, I had an archival quality copy made by the London Metropolitan Archives. They also printed us some copies on archival quality map paper. A number of the original purchasers got a copy along with a few other locals.

In the ensuing few years I've had a number of people ask if they can get a copy. I've been dragging my feet getting it organised, but I'm now putting out this feeler to see if there's enough interest to get the LMA to do another run.

The LMA did a fantastic job last tiime round. They preserved the character and feel of the map and rendered the detail splendidly.

If you're interested in getting a copy for your wall, we can get them done at the same price as last time which was £95 for the half actual size, (37" x 25" approx) and £145 for the full size version (54" x 37" approx).

Please drop me a note at hugh@harringayonline and if there's enough interest I'll organise another run.

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Be very interested in the small version.

Thanks Bridget. I've emailed you.

Hi Hugh

I would like the smaller version please.

Thanks for sorting this out.


Thanks Luke. I've emailed you.

OK - last orders tonight folks!

Hi Hugh did you see my request for a small one thanks jez

Sorry, Jez I missed that, but not to worry as the lady who runs the imaging departmemt at the Archives is off today. So it's not too late. I've sent you a message via HoLMail.

Hi Hugh, is there still time to order one?

Hi Hannah, I've sent you a message by HoLMail

Hi, Hugh I am very interested in buying one, I cant make up my mind as to what size to get.. Is it possible to view them at all ??

I think I was in the first run of completed maps - delivered by Hugh yesterday.

It looks great! And nice to meet you Hugh. I did take a picture but it's utterly rubbish due to reflection off the glass in the frame, so I won't bother posting it.

Glad you're pleased with it!



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