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Back in 2012, I organised a group of locals clubbed together on HoL to buy an old map of part of the Harringay Ladder as the area was being developed. We won the auction on eBay and were able to donate the map to Bruce Castle Museum.

Before giving it away, I had an archival quality copy made by the London Metropolitan Archives. They also printed us some copies on archival quality map paper. A number of the original purchasers got a copy along with a few other locals.

In the ensuing few years I've had a number of people ask if they can get a copy. I've been dragging my feet getting it organised, but I'm now putting out this feeler to see if there's enough interest to get the LMA to do another run.

The LMA did a fantastic job last tiime round. They preserved the character and feel of the map and rendered the detail splendidly.

If you're interested in getting a copy for your wall, we can get them done at the same price as last time which was £95 for the half actual size, (37" x 25" approx) and £145 for the full size version (54" x 37" approx).

Please drop me a note at hugh@harringayonline and if there's enough interest I'll organise another run.

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I don't think you'll be encouraging people to collect these with this modest level of price inflation on the original run. Surely art is a better (tax free!) investment than that?

Fine by me, John. I'm not seeking to encourage, but am prepared to arrange another run if there are enough people interested. There's zero inflation on the first open run. In the event there's a huge demand, I'm sure that the economies of scale will operate. Right now you're beginning to make me wish I hadn't bothered.

Ah, I've been told that John's comment was a genuine jest about the fact the price of the map hadn't increased. My apologies John if I was being a tetchy. One jumps to conclusions.

Yes please. I'd love a large one. How beautiful. Thanks for organising and how kind of you to do it at such a reasonable price. Cheers.
The maps are beautiful. I've always thought it would be lovely to have an historical map of the area in our hallway so this would be perfect. Please may I put in for the half size version (£95). And please, never stop being 'bothered' to flag up the possibility of us getting our hands on little historical gems like this. I think sometimes people forget the work involved in producing something close to an original. For what you get for the money, the price is extremely reasonable. Thank you for being bothered!

Thanks Lizzie and Sandi.

From my inbox, it looks like we're going to have enough people to make a go of this.  I'll leave it till after the weekend get the LMA on the case.

Just a pity it doesn't cover this end of Wightman ( where I live, naturally ) . But there's loads available for me in the Hornsey Historical Society shop.

Yes, thanks John. That's a good place to dig around for postcards, books and they do some smaller OS map reprints, I think. All is mainly focussed on Hornsey, but they do have a little stuff from this side of the tracks sometimes. 

I love the detail on this Harringay map though. There's not only the streets, there's lots of fascinating text all round the map with a wealth of history - and whenever I talk to people about the map, everyone seems to have spotted some different little detail - something that's changed or not gone by the original plan and lots of little details like that. I also love the quality of the job that the LMA do. That's why I used proper museum archival resources to do the printing. 

Hugh, please remind me (visually if possible) how clearly the map covers our stretch of the Ladder, say Warham to Umfreville. After 25 years I've got a bit bored with the fairly rustic Venezuela-Merida village scene in our hallway. If South Wightman is reasonably well portrayed, I'd be interested in a large size copy (£145).

Incidentally, any hints about framing the map from someone who has already purchased a large-size. I'm thinking of a light but sturdy, well made frame.

I've sent you a copy of the picture at the top of the post showing where the top of Warham is.

I'll definitely take one of the half size ones if this goes ahead

This looks great, I am definitely interested in getting a copy.  I have a couple of questions:

- the text looks pretty small, is it all still readable on the smaller size map?

- it looks like the folds from the original are visible in the copies, is this the case?




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