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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Interesting looking piece in Vittles, offering an interesting take on the changing food scene in Harringay on the Green Lanes 


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It's all the very many posts about too many Turkish restaurants and shops, they are all fronts etc. This has been brought up before. And yes, we can pretend that people are only complaining because they want "variety", don't like the food etc. But we are lucky enough to live in an area with awesome public transport, which means that you don’t have to travel far (just one tube stop, or a 5, max 15 min bus ride) to get "variety". The reality is that people travel from far and wide to visit the Turkish restaurants on Green Lanes. They are all, always full, meaning they bring business and income to the community. I cannot imagine anyone living in the vicinity of Brick Lane complaining about all the Indian restaurants, or rather I can, but they would quickly be ignored. I remember very vividly how when our one Chinese restaurant, who had been in the area for years, closed down. Nobody really cared and someone expressed joy at this due to them getting her order wrong. When I defended the family business, she claimed she was being bullied and discussion was quickly shut down. That former Chinese restaurant is now a very successful Turkish restaurant, so make up your minds! I was also, as  a mixed race person with a father from Jamaica, very upset by the discussion of the renaming of Blackboy Lane. Nobody is saying that the Greek and other communities haven't experienced prejudice/racism, but it is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, compared to what the black community experience every day.

Anyway, rant over. 

Racism eh

You just proved my point

Sorry Cem, link has been deleted. The only coverage of Simon Webb that's going to be on this website is here. There are plenty of places for you to discuss his work, but like it or not, HoL will not be one of them.

Went on Sunday - truly excellent food that feels distinctive from the other nearby Turkish restaurants. Highly recommended! 



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