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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Interesting looking piece in Vittles, offering an interesting take on the changing food scene in Harringay on the Green Lanes 


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Turkish/Kurdish food for twice the price, half the portions ... and that was before the 'cost of living crisis'. Not a good change imho.

To be frank that’s been the case in most Turkish places on Green Lanes and it’s reaching a  point of absurdity. Not only have prices increased, but in places like Diyarbakir the portions have decreased noticeably, adding shrinkflation to inflation. One chicken shish used to be plenty but last time I was there it seemed c.25% smaller. The bread, rice and salad are all constants but who are they fooling - I don’t go there for the rice. 

At least all of Metin’s stuff is home made, and it clearly tastes so. I’m happy to support a business which focuses on its craft. Much of the stuff that gets sold as ‘meze’ in the larger restaurants - hummus, tarama, dolma and many deserts in these places is mass-manufactured and bought pre-packaged or frozen by each restaurant. Cynical pricing aside, I’m tired of supporting these McKebab vendors with their fake millionaire clientele and tasteless decor.

Let's face it Kosta, whatever the Turkish places do, you'll be against; therefore, your biased/borderline racist contribution here means típota

"Vajazzled"! That's the term for the style of decor that seems to have taken over every Turkish establishment in the borough

Little about the food, as ever, just the 'vibe'. When a food critic orders the garlic prawns in a GL ocakbasi, safe to assume they're not to be taken seriously. Straight from the freezer but "fresh off the charcoal". 

Totally agreed! 

"Interesting" meaning racist. I cannot be bothered any more. Just to say that I am so sick of the racist undertones on this site, and yes Hugh, although I recognise that you are a lovely person who set up this site with only good intentions, the racism and prejudice makes me sick and needs to be reigned in

Just because a person doesn't like a particular type of food doesn't make them racist. It's food that's all.

Perhaps wild accusations of racism and prejudice are better to be 'reined' in.

I don't have to defend myself. A cruise through all the obvious posts proves my point. And if you don't like the food, may I suggest you move south to Kent, as they may be able to cater better for you.

The site isn't continually moderated. but if we see or have our attention drawn to anything, like racism, that breaks out house rules, it is dealt with. If you have a spare moment, I'd be very grateful if you could point out the posts that concern you.



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