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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Just been browsing items on ebay after typing "Harringay" into the search box.

I'm sure someone within our community might be interested in buying this plan that appears to have been used at an auction:


Happy bidding!


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I was watching that. It has gone from £19.99 to £72 since yesterday though.


Ditto - but hadn't looked. Should we club together, buy it for Bruce Castle and perhaps try and recoup the costs by selling enough prints to do so? I'm up for it. Anyone else?

I'm wondering if the current highest bidder is a guy who lives in Crouch End and has an internet identity that would fit the name of the bidder. I'll check with him.

I'll chip in.

We'd have to agree on a maximum bid and be sure there isn't one at Bruce Castle already.

I see the price has gone up rapidly since I first posted....   damn

Wow £103. E-bay will hire you to advertise for them.

Still the same three bidders, I think

I've just spoken with Val at Bruce Castle. She's going to let me know if they're interested or have acquired a copy already. 

I'm in for £XX if you go ahead.

Me too

So that's three of us. 

What's it looking like £150? £200? Crikey!

Me too at XXX.

It could end up as our pension fund. We might yet be on "Antiques Roadshow" acting surprised when they tell us it is worth over half a million. I am sure we will get a few more to join in the wealth.



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