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Now that was more like summer - fantastic!

Have you noticed that the new building on the corner of St Ann's and Green Lanes has just been acquired for Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward estate agents? So, last year we had Winkworth; this year Keatons and now KFH. In total I think we have more than 10 estate agents on GL .

Now whatever we might think of estate agents they do tend to be the harbingers of rising prices in an area. Winkworth's arrival certainly proved this point. So I'm quitely pleased that we have another recognised agent moving in.

Am I alone in this?

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I think you're right about it indicating likely price rises, and I certainly won't complain about that, but I'm just worried that when that happens we'll start to lose the cornucopia of independent businesses as Starbucks etc begin to see the area's potential. Long live Cafe Lemon!
Hear hear, cafe lemon is such a gem. It's stir fries are particularly tasty and plentiful, and everything is so cheap - just as cheap as buying from the supermarket (and lets face it so much more variety than anything from rubbish tesco metro if one can't be bothered to walk all the way to sainsburys!!! or is that just me?..) Having said that, I do miss the option of having a frappucino every once in a while..
Not at all - at least it isn't another Ladbrookes! What I want is just one decent French restaurant, a branch of Heals and an NHS walk in centre. Is that really too much to ask?
Mmmm.....never tried Cafe Lemon, James. Is it good?

Musing on both comments above, amkesd me wonder what the ideal Green Lanes Harringay should look like?
I wholeheartedly agree with the comment about Ladbrokes -- there seems to be a new bookies opening every week. What is more encouraging is the opening of new shops like Danube.
Hugh, I can definitely recommend Cafe Lemon -- one of the best all-day breakfasts on the Lanes (Rose Cafe/Cafe Lime also worth a shout), but good for a whole range of dishes and won't break the bank.
Kate / James, sounds like between you, you're half way to a short review article on Lemon. Now, I hate to ask, but how about one/both of you having a stab at one in the restaurants group?

On the stregth of your recommendations I just popped into Lemon - what a nice place! I had a chat with one of the two owners, Irfan. A very interesting guy who used to be a journalist - first in Turkey and then as a London Correspondent for a Turkish newspaper. More on that conversation later.
I welcome the new estate agents, hopefully it will force the others to improve their services. Paul Simon managed to majorly bungle our move into Harringay, without any apology, so an upmarket rival so near to them might make them a little more thoughtful about their customers.

I think the shops we've got at the moment are great, so much variety. My Brazilian friend has been searching in London for a long time for the "Antarctica" Guarana drink, now the general store near Danube stocks it for 50p.

I'd really welcome a Portuguese/Spanish/Colombian cafe, there's a few near Seven Sisters that are really great.



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