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The campaign to save our local Post Office on Green Lanes has been greeted with fantastic support from people locally and has received good newspaper and social media coverage.

Public Meeting ~ Tuesday night 7th March at South Harringay School on Mattison Rd, N4 1BD, 7.30pm with David Lammy MP among the speakers. This will be vital to keeping this much treasured and loved local service at the current location with existing staff. The main aim of the meeting is to inform people of the facts and to be able to answer questions and hear your opinions.

Campaigners would be grateful for the largest possible turn out - please do your best to attend and spread the word.


Thank you for your support.

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"Its useless to me" you say, but its  not just about you, what about the hundreds of other people who use it daily. The Post Office may not be 'open' for you as you are not home during the day but it is 'open' and useful to all the people who are at home and who work in the area, not only for post, parcels etc, and forms for passports, passport checking, but also access to savings accounts, banking, bureau du change, holiday insurance, help with benefits and pensions, car tax etc etc. Nothing anachronistic about it.

Whatever opinion you may or may not have - mine, is that this Post Office would be a very very sorry loss to Haringey (for so many reasons!) and is definitely worth fighting to keep. See you all at the meeting tonight? No rain so no excuse!

"Anyway I don't want to fight about this. I was offering a personal opinion!" <- so now that Maggie has pointed out the obvious flaws in you "we don't need a post office" argument you say that? Honestly, can't you just give her the credit of a "Fair point! I hadn't though of that." comment instead of that "I was only teasing!!!!" cowardly rubbish?

IF John's comment above was directed to me after i said "Whatever opinion you may or may not have..." I can see why he might have read my "you" as meaning him but i had not and simply meant it as a 'you' to all HoL'ers. I never want a fight and never have here, so my apology to you John if i have caused you any offence. Peace and Love to ALL HoL'ers.

I'm unable to make this meeting tonight unfortunately as I really want to support them. As a local business that's had some tough times in the last 2-3 years, I've been totally supported by the team at the PO on Green Lanes who have been absolutely fantastic at helping me keep my business rolling. Sometimes it's felt like they're the ONLY institution that has my back! It would be a massive loss to me and my attempts to survive if they were to go - the knowledge they hold is irreplaceable as many of the staff have been there years and know the best ways to help businesses. Please save them!

I run a business too and was at last night's meeting. It was well attended and the CWU and David Lammy seemed very aware of the issues facing local businesses. 

In case other HOL members are not aware a number of local businesses will be affected by the closure. I drop off my business mail at the post office on a daily basis. My UK mail is in a sealed mail bag but all my International Tracked, Signed For and Special Delivery items need to be scanned into the system by the counter staff who over the years have been such a brilliant help to me with all their advice. 

My concern with Maqsood taking over is that a franchise can refuse to handle business mail. This has happened to several other small online businesses that I know who live in areas where the post office has closed and a franchisee takes over the PO. The issue is usually that they do no have enough room to store mailbags until the van arrives to pick them up.

The alternative for businesses in the area is to have a Royal Mail pick up which costs £750 - 1000 per year plus VAT. If you spend over £15,000 a year on business post the collection is free. 

I appreciate that some of you on here don't find the PO useful but small businesses do use the PO and if you could give your support to the campaign it would be very much appreciated.

Yikes I didn't realise that was a risk, all the more reason to fight against this. Thanks Karin

If you mean "this" Maqsood then don't expect anything less than a ruthlessly efficient "business". I'm surprised that the police have not objected given their involvement with his HMOs over the years.

It would be useful to know what evidence there is for Maqsood News’ involvement with the police regarding Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). Although, the key point is that our essential Crown Post Office can only be closed if a business offers to take on the franchise. Therefore we should be focusing on preventing any business from doing this. No franchise model can replace the specialist service of highly-skilled and trained Post Office staff, in a setting designed to meet the needs of everyone in our community. After the excellent public meeting on 7th March, the 100+ people who attended are determined to continue the campaign to keep our Crown Post Office open. I'd encourage everyone to look out for further campaign bulletins on Harringay Online.  

Is the reply from a police officer insufficient? Sure you need to read between the lines but it wasn't ignored nor what was said questioned.

One thing that would actually make that post office useful to me is if parcels could be redelivered there. However because (I assume) my postcode is N8 I can't arrange re-deliveries to a post office a couple of streets away and instead have the options of Turnpike Lane or somewhere in Crouch End.

I think actually you can nominate to have them delivered to a local post office, it's worth checking the card they send.



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