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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

MPSinthesky tweeted this picture out of the neighbourhood earlier...thought I'd pass it on

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 A Ladder of stars! Lovely.

Blast ! I've left the light on 

At last, the linguistically challenged have no excuse not to know what a ladder looks like.  And I see I left my back light on too.

Brilliant - if you want to explain why its called the ladder then this is it! 

I love that ladder

Here's another night pic MPSinthesky tweeted of the Roundway N17

Is this taken form a plane coming into land Liz? I am guessing so...

Since it's from Metropolitanpolice inthe sky, I would think from a police helicopter.

Ah, did not know what MPSinthesky was... I am not a twitterer so I did not look beyond Liz's post!

Well I'm guessing too but it seems reasonable.

yes, that's right John.

Love it, thanks Liz.



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