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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

A Fortune has been spent on these signs, with a report possible fine of up to £50.000

Yet if you use the email on banner, they do not go through, and get a message not deliverable

The phone number, goes to switchboard, with a message not in service

Aware they have taken on Three more Officers. Not aware of how many there was before

Saw Brian & Kenny on recent Filthy Britain SOS on 2/8/20

Joke is the Borough is getting worse daily. With and Phone management box of waste bin be surrounded with bags of dumped waste

Was interesting in Filthy Britain SOS program. Hounslow has a team that goes around their Borough. Checking streets for dumped rubbish and unsocial waste in domestic properties        In a effort to tidy up their Borough

But it seems you get the Borough you live in, depending how much you need to put pressure on your Elected Ward Councilors 

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Hopefully change will be on the way (if anyone applies that is)


I tried to report dumping at the top of our road but the app wasn't working. 

I have no issues with reporting to contractor - Veolia , who normally clear it in within 24 hours of a email

But it means through lack of Council Enforcement, the Dumpers continue

I had a incident the other week, where a house close to be was having its garden cleared of builders rubble via two SUV's. They was telling people looking it was going to Dagenham. But they was returning within minutes. Checked local Waste Dumps and they only take Five bags of Rubble per visit , maximum 20 a month

Checked with Government waste licenses, they now register companies and not vehicles as in my days of Enforcement. As no markings on cars. Could not prove if a legal waste carrier

As usual current Council Enforcement team numbers, come back as unavailable. In my days Enforcement team covered 7 days and was contacted by Council issues phone. When Office staff was unavailable  

As stated you get what you deserve. When people elect ward Councilors on Party lines and not on there possible abilities 

how do people think that we as residents can put pressure on your Elected Ward Councilors?

Council web site has list of Councilors and ways of contacting them

If more people spend a little time in contacting them , requesting assistance

Councilors will have a choice of assisting Electorate or standing down

Not forgetting their package of fees is far more than the basic pay of most people 

A package of fees! Just what is it Robert?

If it's any consolation... I'm also reporting everything I see... but mainly to just Veiola to see if they can clear it up. And doing it via Twitter. Just hate that every single time out of the house, I'm walking around rubbish. Every day without fail. They came back once to say that they clean the streets daily... and I've seen the street cleaners out there too... but it's obviously not enough. I think a lot are uber driver too, as they're constantly parked on St Ann's Rd and surrounding streets, where I then see take-away containers etc in bags, clearly being bagged up and just thrown out the car after they've eaten.

Believe bringing back weekly Refuse Collection would help

What's other views

Correct. A huge number are Uber drivers kerb littering - its an issue affecting London generally and needs to be weeded out. I've mentioned this in the past. Rest of course are the residents of the borrough, something not common in the rest of London. Go figure 

Rubbish has multiply issues

Rubbish Bins, not enough, especially near fast food premises

Also a issue with householders going out daily, dumping household rubbish in street bins            Understand Refuse Contractor does a Morning and afternoon shift clearing refuse bins and High Road sweeps, Seven days a week

Another issue is growing number of properties being turned into rooms and flats.                        Not correctly registered, meaning they are not issued enough Rubbish and recycling bins

Another issue is the amount of properties having work done on them, which often results in front gardens and often overspills on footway. Which is currently not being Enforce correctly

From TV reports other Authorities seem to be getting it Better

As stated Rate payers get what they Vote for

I think you’ve raised an important point about houses in multiple occupation.  The two main dumping hot spots on my street are both HMOs but it not the residents, it’s the landlord.  Every time there is a change of occupant another cheap mattress get dumped on the pavement and I, like an idiot, spend time reporting and chasing until it gets removed.  I make sure that when I report them I mention that the landlord is a repeat offender who need to be spoken to but it happens again and again.  

Theare is also the problem with not enough bins being provided for residents.  One in my street has 9 seperate rooms squeezed into an ordinary three bedroom house but only one waste bin and one recycling bin.  Inevitably both overflow.

Might be the reason the Council is taking on more Enforcement Officers

Wonder what happened to past ones. That posed for Pictures outside Morrisons , on Councils Facebook page. When All local officers got together for a joint operation in Wood Green ?

Under the Environmental Enforcement Act, authorities are allowed to claim for Enforcement Action. So costs of running Enforcement , should be self financing

As stated many times you Only get what the Electorate and Rate payers Voted for 



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