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Resource magazine has reported that Haringey made it into the top ten worst borough for unlawful rubbish dumping.

In a list topped, surprisingly by the City of London, both Haringey and Enfield were amongst the ten most fly-tipped boroughs in the country.

The list is ranked by the number of fly tipping incidents per thousand residents. Given the low density of population in the City, no surprise perhaps that it led the way with a score of 233. Enfield was hard on its heels with 227 and Haringey came in at a comparably respectable 122.

The stats don't show where in each borough offences occur, but locally I think it's safe to assume that the problem worsens the further east you go.

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Many thanks for this Zena.  Keeping people updated via this forum on progress would be excellent.

I would like to get a resident  group organised to share ideas with officers about enforcement. I think that joint process where residents and officers can have a dialogue about the problems, how they see them and potential solutions is creative and can lead to fresh approaches.

Anyone interested?


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Email: zena.brabazon@haringey.gov.uk

Yes please.  I’ll email you my details

I'm not surprised ...there isn't a day goes by that I'm not phoning the council to move rubbish..I feel like a bit of a maverick as I'm calling from where ever I am!!!!

You're no maverick. Whether phoning, emailing, photographing or tweeting, many more residents are paying attention to whether the new Leader and his Momentum buddies are more interested in getting Special Responsibility Allowances (SRAs) than in tackling the culture of dumping in our streets/parks/carparks/alleys/etc etc.

Personally I plan to take a greater interest in the streets of Bruce Grove Ward, whose electors picked Cllr Joe Ejiofor.



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