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Haringey Walks - Free guided walks and walking advice for residents

Haringey Walks, a Haringey Council initiative is working to deliver free, guided walks to all of our Haringey residents.

Advice and resources are offered on the Haringey Council website.

These include walking groups, how to volunteer as a walk leader and links to self-guided walks

Further contact information and opportunities

Women’s Walks - Lordship Rec Mon & Weds 9.30-11.30am For details Tel: 07904288052

The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation (THF) is looking for participants to trial out a Heritage Walk: Spurs double cup win 1961. The walk trial will take place from January 2022. Please email: Joanna.Yeung@tottenhamhotspur.com.

Buddy walks -volunteers needed to support the most isolated residents. For further information contact: faye.brittain@publicvoice.london

Living Under One Sun Walk GroupWould like to set up a new Walk Group that will start from Down Lane Park. If you are interested in joining, please email : info@livingunderonesun.co.uk

Please note that this post is for information only. Please contact individuals listed above or on the Haringey Council website for details of anything you are interested in

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I have tried to contact Joanna Yeung at THF but the email address is invalid. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. 

I copied this information via a Haringey Walks newsletter sent by Anita Yiannoullou whose email is anita@sanjurotrainingsystems.com

Alternatively, a quick google brings up this page


with a phone number and the email address (which I note is all in lower case? )

Hope that helps

Thank you very much!



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