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According to data on the London Assembly run datastore, Haringey still has the worst record in London for fly-tipping. According to the Daily Express, it's the second worst in the country after Leeds.

The datastore figures show that last year Haringey had over 23,000 tiips. Next in the league table was Croydon with over 19,000.

Despite the high number of incidents it experiences, Haringey only comes in the middle of the table when the authorities are ranked by the number of actions they take against flytippers. We're ranked amidst a cluster of authorities with high dumping figures and relatively low action ratings. There couldn't possibly be a link could there?

When calculating a crude measure of the rate of enforcement (total incidents divided by total actions taken), Haringey comes fourth from bottom. (Another link here, perhaps?)

Although when the action criterion is switched to just fixed penalty notices, Haringey comes somewhere in the middle.

Some things in the data need explanation, such as Islington's data - almost three times as many actions as incidents. If they're pre-emptive actions, this might explain the issue, but if not, I'm not sure what's going on. 

Which ever way you look at it, this data makes bad reading for Haringey Council and Haringey residents.

Having said that, I do have to say that in the normal course of events, when I report an fly-tip, it's quickly sorted out.

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Hugh nails it.

This is a political problem. It’s a problem because of a chronic failing of our local council and councillors. Until they take fly tipping seriously we will always have this problem. If the councillors actually cared - it might not stop but it would be much reduced.

Fly tipping is one of the most complained about events and cllrs would love to have a magic wand to make it go away. Huge cuts in funding are one cause. Huge expense in taking legal action another. Cuts have made Haringey sell off their Tottenham depot so there is only one recycling centre. Why not write to your local councillors and ask them why they can't take more effective action. I find this approach much more productive than moaning. 

As a first class, self-confessed 'moaner' myself, I really find it offensive when people say "take action rather than moan". Are you sure the person you are labelling a moaner hasn't been really involved in taking action and is just stating fact i.e that Haringey and some of its coucncillors just aren't up to scratch?

We all know there have been serious budgets cuts and the council is under pressure. Many of the council officers do great work too, under very difficult situations. But Haringey has performed quite poorly over the years I have lived here and some councillors have just not been up to the level needed.

Let people express themselves please.

The vast majority of the flytipping in the borough is found in neighbouring Tottenham. The situation will get worse when the council forces through yet another round of cuts. Litter Crisis.

I think there needs to be a bit of caution on interpreting the number of actions taken.  For example if you look at Kingston, they had 1,349 incidents and 3 actions.  In Waltham Forest there were 7,678 incidents but 17,035 actions.  That suggests that different councils log their actions in different ways on different systems.

Having said that the disparity in reported incidents is incredible.  From the numbers in the tables, one thing Haringey has that few other councils do is a huge amount of data.  They need to use that and get someone to analyse it to find out what is happening in this borough that doesn’t seem to be happening elsewhere - and to act on the results.

I also notice that Enfield has gone from having the dubious honour of being the top dumping spot in London (from previous years data) to one of the lowest.  That’s either the result of some amazing work or they’ve done something to their reporting systems.  A phone call by the head of waste to Haringey to their opposite number in Enfield would be a good use of his/her time.

I agree.  As I wrote in my original post, some of the data most certainly needs unpacking. I hadn’t picked up in the Enfield case: that does seem like it might be a change explained by statistical data. 

Do you have any folk in your network from this field, Michael?

The people knew who could have got to the base data have moved on to other stuff I’m afraid

I thought you'd found a different dataset to the one/s I'd referred to in my original. post. I've just downloaded (and attached hereto) the DEFRA data. It appears to be the set used by the Express. The National picture it paints shows Leeds as the worst hit area with Haringey second. Enfield is way down the league.


I was thinking it was something along those lines Tris.  When I worked in housing a single action, like going to court to recover rent arrears, might have dozens of associated actions such as sending letters, carrying out visits and interviews, issuing a notice, meeting legal and so on.

Someone in the know has written to me to reiterate the issue hinted at in the original post and echoed by others, that is that the data isn't straightforward. It was made clear to me that boroughs are not following the method for reporting set down by DEFRA. This would certainly explain some of the data inconsistencies.

The joke is that Dumping comes under the Environmental Act. Central Government.                                  Brought in when certain Councils was not prosecuting those found to be dumping

I see Scavenger crews driving past Rubbish. And Notice that some dumpers are aware crews spend rest periods and dump rubbish via vehicles to these Spots

It is a Legal requirement that All Trade Premises should have Waste Contract , failure and Council should Enforce trade waste. I have notice driving around that many Retailers put out bags around Waste Bins

Also aware that many living in Multi occupancy properties take bags of waste and dump in limited Waste Bins

Also because the Council is Not Enforcing Multi occupancy properties. Many properties do not have enough Refuse Bins. If Correctly registered. Each Rate paying property gets Refuse and recycling Bin

Also notice Many Green / recycling bins left on pavement Road with Notices - Contents not accepted for Recycling.     Got to be worth Council getting them Waste Collected to make the Borough Tidier



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