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Thanks to Geoff from Woodlands Park RA for surfacing a poorly publicised 'consultation' on rubbish collection, the wording of which makes it seem very likely that the council are considering making savings on waste collection.

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Hi Hugh,

Over 1000 people have already completed the survey….

Anyway, please complete it. The contract is coming to an end in 2025 so this is about redesigning the specification.

 Thank you for publicising it

That's good, Seema. Clearly some people have heard about it. I wouldn't have  done were it not for Geoff. 

It’s fine, this will attract more awareness… :) 

And, Seema, if it encourages our 'cleansing strategists' to construct more relevant consultations in future, that would indeed be a consummation devoutly to be wished.

A few of us have already had a bit of a chat about this

Oops! That’s where some of Seema’s 1000 will have come from then. Guess I'm just not paying attention!

I had an email from the council about it, last week I think.

someone has finally read the comments about this question...

If only my garden waste collections were weekly. They collect when they feel like it. Recycling to. Today I heard my bin being moved and assumed it was being emptied. But instead it was just left opened in the rain. Next week I guess they are planning not to collect because it will be full of soggy paper (too bad! I closed it when I went out for my morning run)

Veolia staff often 'check' if it's full and if not they won't empty it. Call Veolia if that happens and request collection.

I email them about it frequently! Their customer service people always ask if there is a contamination tag on my bin as if it's my fault it wasn't emptied. But I email the crew managers directly now and they are far more helpful. 



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