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Warham Road at Harringay Passage: Plants stolen from public planter

Just in case anyone happened to see it...my children and I cleaned out one of the 'public' planters at junction of Warham Rd and Haringey Passageway over weekend, a really unfun job as full of dead prickly plants. Then we also replanted it with 3 small rosemary and 3 lavender plants.

Someone today (3 days later) saw fit to take all 6 new plants out of the planter in broad daylight. Hard to better our neighbourhood when people do such things. Harder still to believe no one saw it happening (we weren't home).

Photos above of pre-clean up, after we planted and now. Yes I am very aware people steal potted plants off the Ladder, but pulling them out of dirt of a public planter (well watered in etc) is a depressing new low. 

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Thanks for posting this - it's nice to be connected to others who look after planters in the area. I look after the planter on the north side of Frobisher Road and have just started very gingerly on the south side with some lavender that has not been stolen yet. I think because the rest of the planter is in a bit of state no one notices it. 

I've only ever had a small olive tree taken, which was very annoying as it would have been ideal for the conditions. I've found lavender generally good, an ornamental grass plant has been very happy and able to withstand the weather really well. Borrowing an idea from another planter there is a really successful lavatera and an apple tree that was planted quite a few years ago (not by me) that struggles on though really it's too hot and dry for it.

There are also self-seeding plants in mine, including digitalis that one sees quite a bit of around here. 

It would be great to have a bit of a group to co-ordinate effort and ideas. Perhaps one already exists but I just don't know of it. 

I've had some lovely comments when doing the occasional bit of work that I do on the planter and I think people really appreciate it. I think I found it a bit of a barrier to actually do something in a shared space. I worried about who was I to decide what should be in a public place but then realised I just had to get on with it. 



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