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Haringey Parking Permit Site, is it just me, or is this site atrocious

I was struggling yet again to use the Parking Permit site, and I wanted to others struggled with it too. I only use it for visitor permit as I don't have a car myself.

The Login seems to constantly struggle, today I had to check my username was correct, reset my password multiple times before I was able to log in. I find it loops on the login screen, but doesn't give me an error at all (I tried incognito also to see if this was a cookie problem it was not). I seem to run into this issue all the time, some times the login eventual works even if I don't change my password.

The site is terrible to browse on mobile, and as far as I can see there is not app to use as an alternative (which is pretty awful given that the majority of folks use mobile browsers these days over traditional web sites). I imagine this is even worse for people who aren't tech savvy.

It appears this is out sourced to a company called Taranto Systems who seem to be responsible for most councils permit systems. 

Do others stuggle?

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I think the trick is, the system that the traffic wardens have is a Android App, the system we get not so much

I spent most of a weekend logging in every few hours trying to buy four daily visitor permits. Every time, when clicking through to make a payment, I would get a very generic server error message. During one of my attempts on day two I mistyped and requested 5 permits… the payment went through without a problem. Out of curiosity (and wanting to stockpile a few visitor permits in case this outage happened again) I tried buying four more permits…. And got the generic server error again. 

Much more amusing than the time I was charged for visitor permits that did not appear on my account - at least that only took a day or two to get sorted. 

I find the site functionally OK in that I've always been able to login, buy vouchers and use vouchers.

It's not very usable though in that you always have to hunt around a bit for the right screen, it doesn't scale well for mobile, has issues with saved addresses and isn't particularly easy to enter info.

It's absolutely terrible, isn't it?

I found the only way I could get it to work was on Microsoft Edge browser - if you've not already, give that a try!

 Yes it is astonishingly terrible, and how they get away with it, I’ve no idea. It’s disgusting and I dread having workman over, and the stress of maybe being ticketed whilst I have to have repeated attempts at getting a visitor permit on their broken system



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